I may be biased, but I've never seen, met, or heard of a more perfect, beautiful, happy puppy in the world 🐕❤🐾
#BiscuitLoretta #theresnobodybetta

Fim de tarde, #bb

the definition of art ft. the phantomhive twins
going to sleep now i have a math test tomorrow :’) gn x
credits to ashbbee on tumblr

Happy Birthday to this little weenie head! 👯‍♀️🐒⚡️🎂💜 Four years of friendship later and you’re still ugly. Love you so much, you tiny ball of sarcastic joy! #shesalright #BB #hunnnay #loveher @kateejoanne (PS don’t hate me for the 4th pic 😂)

# amo vcs
#BB 😝😍

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