I woke up this morning with a plan.
We were going to have a lovely easy going day that would start with a walk to the woods and a little forage for pine cones. A casual saunter back home just in time to enjoy a leisurely lunch then we'd finish off our time of it just being the two of us by making a start on Elsies birthday cake in time for tomorrow.
Letty woke up this morning with a plan too.
She was going to poo. A lot.
She was going to pelt me with food all day. Even when I thought I'd cleaned it all up she was going to surprise me with some more.
She was going to reinact WWF smack down scenes everytime I tried to change her.
She was going to display movements faster than the speed of sound and just when I'd rescued her from one precarious situation would be over the other side of the house in another one. At one point I was convinced there were two of her.
She was going to empty every drawer in every room she entered. Whilst laughing manically.
And when she wasn't doing that she was going to hid anything she could lay her hands on.

By the time I'd managed to literally just dress her and give her her lunch it was half two. I'd run the equivalent of 10 miles around the house and I'd lost the telly remote, the house phone, my keys, one of my boots and my sanity.
All bar my sanity were found in her ball pit. I'm still looking for my sanity.

Weekend walk dodging rain showers .
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Autumn Wondering 🍂🍃🍁

Just your casual autumn photo 🍂 Zawsze myślałam, że nadmiar obowiązków pozbawia mnie energii, ale teraz wiem już że prawdziwym wysysaczem energii jest bezczynność - w związku z czym w tym roku akademickim desperacko muszę zaangażować się w więcej rzeczy, bo kiedy wracam z uczelni koło godziny 12 i jestem zmęczona to wiem, że coś jest zdecydowanie nie tak 😧 Kto jeszcze jest bardziej zorganizowany i energiczny z każdym kolejnym podjętym zadaniem? 🙆🏼‍♀️

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