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"She said, 'I think I'm going to Boston, I think I'll start a new life'." - Boston, the band, but also @madeleinesgc | I'm excited for you and your new adventure Maddie, and thankful for the countless adventures we've had in Boston, Omaha, and beyond. #AlwaysSayYesToNewAdventures #BostonSkyline #BostonLyrics #Augustana #CharlesRiver

Outra novidade entre os Novos Talentos foi a neomarca carioca @augustana_store, da dupla Natalia Paes e Carolina Jappour. Elas trouxeram peças leves de alfaiataria, daquelas que nunca saem de moda, sabe?👏👏👏 #augustana #vesterio #novostalentos

Starting to love myself again. 🌻🌼🌻 #selflove #nomakeup #selfie #sundayfunday #Augustana

I could watch you dance for hours. I could take you by my side.

#augustana #fire #lyrics #thisbandisbeautiful #danlayas

Danisha Suchak, from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a third-year Economics student and vice-president of the #Augustana Students’ Association. Danisha is home for the summer enjoying the sun and scuba diving, but will be back to complete her BA at Augustana in the fall. ⛱️🐡 #starthere #ualberta

A few short months ago I was lost. I didn't know where to turn to and all I wanted was to get up and leave to find a new place. A new beginning. A fresh start. I felt like I was losing everything I loved and lost myself in the process... And then this little man came into my life. I honestly was so close to not getting him. Mainly because I still wanted to leave. But something just didn't feel right. I felt like I deserved a best friend. I felt like I needed something there constantly. Something that I could start fresh with, who didn't know me. Who wouldn't judge or leave. He became my new beginning. That's why I named him Boston. At the time the song "Boston" by Augustana was exactly how I felt. I wanted to go and leave everyone I knew behind.. But it turns out you don't have to leave to find a new place and a new beginning. It can be as simple as getting a best friend to change all that. I'm forever grateful that I chose to take off to meet this guy and bring him home with me. In a way, he fixed what I felt was broken. When really I wasn't broken at all. All I needed was to know I was loved and find myself again. I know he might just be a dog. But this pup has done more for me than any human could. He's my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me. 💙 #augustana #boston #puppylove #cowboycorgi #mylove

“Ahhhh and that’s a wrap! Time to unwind with some Netflix, a little homework for my winter course, and my favorite post-event drink: a Shirley Temple. I love having the privilege to plan events for my alma matter and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate everything Ithaca College has given me. An amazing education, a network of people that feels like one big family, a fantastic job, and a community where I make new friends every day. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s a lot of fun, too! Thanks for letting me share my day with you and good night NYC! ‘She said I think I’ll go to Boston’ and do it all over again tomorrow!”

When friends graduate from university one must celebrate in style #patthatstagram? #augustana #graduation #university #pals

You got that right @annamichealchuck! Summer visitors, be sure to stop by Whitey's Ice Cream for a taste of a local favorite! 📷 #repost
A trip to Augustana is never complete without a visit to Whitey's! 🍦#augustana #augie #vikings


'when she's laying in her Sunday best'

Starting to love myself again. 🌻🌼🌻 #selflove #nomakeup #selfie #sundayfunday #Augustana

Augustana - Shot in the Dark #cover

I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset. #boston #augustana #vscocam #blueeyes #monroe #longhair #selfiesunday #ss

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to @augiestudassoc for sending eight of our executive committee members to the Dance Marathon Leadership Conference this weekend! 👏🏼 The ideas we've learned the past few days will not stay here in Maryland; We are excited to implement them in Augiethon's future years and are confident this will be our best year yet! #ForTheKids #dmlc2017 #FTK #DoMore #EveryKidDeservesToBeAViking

". . here it's nice in the summer
some snow would be nice . . " #augustana #nievesdeenero

Found pictures from my first concert on my old ipod #augustana #sob

•I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset• #augustana

Are your kids a priority?
Is your health a priority?
Are you a fun Mom?
What memories will your kids have of you?

Check out what my mama friends who decided to make their health a priority are saying? ♥️"I took the kids to the water park today and normally I would sit and just watch them have fun but when the kids took off to go on the slides, I got up to join in on the fun! It made me so happy to hear them get excited." ♥️"I use to be the same way but now I'm diving in the pool and jumping on the trampoline with them. Best feeling ever to be the fun mom now!"
♥️"I have the energy to actually play with my kids! I'm a better Mom now!" ♥️"Ok, I am feeling soooo much better. About 2 weeks ago my my "sleepless nights" vanished, I couldn't do to much or I would feel horrible the next couple days and be so sore. I took a bike ride with my daughter on her birthday and it had no impact! She told me it's so nice to get to ride with me and not just dad. I could have never done this before and felt fine.I even went again the next day."
♥️"I don't need naps anymore! When my little guy goes down for a nap I'm able to geand things done. This creates more play time and my husbands happy to come home to a picked up house. Thank you for telling me about these products!" How has making your health a priority helped you be a better mom? #guthealth #funmoments #fun #sixkids #momlife #momboss #girl #boymom #softballgirls #sportmom #coachswife #augustana #collegemom #toddlermom #energy #pinkdrink

That #Augustana song, but happier 👣👣👣

Today I got to visit one of my most favorite places on earth. #augie #loyalviking #theresnoplacelikeaugie #noplacelikeaugie #almamater #augustana

I think I'll go to Boston. #Boston #Augustana

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