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Lumos 🌙

Baby cute💜💜

1 year.
1 year marks the saddest day on my life.
I will always remember you, no matter when, what or who
Take care of us, ily angels 🙏💡

Ms. Grande via InstaStories ❤



Ms. Grande via Instastories ❤

This face 🔥@ash_kholm using our brushes on Kristin Cavallari 😍 Totally living for this! #stilazzi #stilazzisquad

Look at the bright side... Eyes using : @rubymaycosmetics artist and glitter palette
@maybelline master chrome highlight in molten gold

Well, THAT took forever!😅 I filmed this #makeuptutorial a while ago and I just fussed and fiddled so much over this one! I decided to be Chatty Cathy I guess, so going through the footage gave me serious flashbacks to being a kid- you know, when you walk into your “overwhelming messy” (everything is overwhelming as a kid amiright) room and you just end up playing with the mess because there’s so much to do?? Ya.🤷🏻‍♀️ ANYwho, please go give it a watch today, I’d love your support! Tell me what YOU thought about it in the comment section when you scroll down below the video (in YouTube). I can’t wait to see what you think!! 💋💋

no tears pls

Ariana & Dua!

She deserves everything

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