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Use all your senses to encounter movement... Contact Improvisation is my sensorial journey.

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Day 4 #StrongAndSoftYoga. Starting from there with one of my favorite... Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance pose
Sanskrit: नटराजासन; Nata- Dance, Raja- King, Asana – Pose.
Nataraja is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. It is his dancing avatar, through which his love for music, dance, and art is depicted.
This asana is a beautiful combination of structure and movement. It helps to make you strong, and opens up your mind and body, giving them so much grace and power. It is a deep backbend. As you bend and your body balances on one leg, you are constantly challenged. When you overcome the challenge, you attain a sense of peace and calm. This asana opens up the heart. It asks of us to be stable but at ease, dedicated, yet non-attached, engaged, yet at peace. When we are open to and accept both movement and structure, this asana helps draw a clear communication between our being and the teacher in the heart. Host : @elisheva_yoga @themuscleboundyogi Sponsors : @aloyoga @sashka_co

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