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Get up close with "Pocahontas" by Twyla artist Kristen Schiele. This abstracted portrait of the Native American icon exemplifies the artist's bold, layered and pattern-driven style. Swipe through to see details of this limited edition print. See more through link in bio. #ArtConnectsUs @kristenschiele

So excited to share the @twyla #ArtConnectsUs campaign featuring @adlerguerrier and me! Adler's work asks "Where do you belong? Where do you want to be?" As you can imagine, these questions resonate with me. Link in bio.

@twyla's beautiful campaign #ArtConnectsUs . They had paired me with one of their talented artists, a lovely man named @jamesgortner and we had such a good time talking about art and and collecting on set.

#ArtConnectsUs Campaign with my sister, Elizabeth White @itswhitenoise and me with TWYLA https://www.twyla.com/art-connects-us/natalie-white-elizabeth-white?utm_source=natalie_social&utm_campaign=artconnectsus

#ArtConnectsUs @Twyla ! @itswhitenoise Elizabeth White (racing aficionado) and I ARE strong for our cause... no glass ceilings. #ERAnow

Just finished my 6 day workshop in Tuscany and it was such an incredible experience .The landscape , the people , the history ... everything has touched my heart deeply . It was a joy to work with dedicated artists that came from around the world to be here and it was so encouraging to see them grow and progress within such a short time and leave inspired and excited to work in the studio . Everyone I met in Italy , especially my hosts Sara and Giorgio ( last photo ) were so kind and generous to us . They really worked hard to give my students a full experience of Italian life . We had a group farewell lunch in Siena at a Medieval restaurant . It was truly a magical week and I'm grateful to have spent time with such amazing people and artists ...#art #artconnectsus #grateful

@twyla launches a new ad campaign today #ArtConnectsUs. Check out link in bio to hear more about the connection between @iris.apfel and @jamesgortner. Photo by @mschwartzphoto #twyla #contemporaryart

Don't forget to check out the link in the bio to learn a little more about myself and my sister @itswhitetrash and what we do! Thanks, @twyla ! 💕#itswhitenoise #artconnectsus #sisters

No art = no bueno. Top interior designer Young Huh tells it like it is. Swipe through to see more of what she has to say. @younghuh #ArtConnectsUs #interiordesign


Começa neste sábado, 18 de novembro, no Parque Ibirapuera (São Paulo), a exposição "Caminhando em seus sapatos", instalação internacional e itinerante do Empathy Museum. O projeto conta com apoio do British Council.

Veja mais informações em https://www.britishcouncil.org.br/events/museu-da-empatia-caminhando-em-seus-sapatos
Não perca! #ArtConnectsUs

✨going into this week reminding myself to focus on loving the divine more than any other thing or person. by pouring my energy, time and soul into maintaining my spiritual ground and feeding my faith, love for myself and compassion for others will naturally continue to flourish. 🙇🏻‍♀️💜✨

✨"you need to step into every space as an advocate... angry and ready to fight." @jodiepatterson and @themrmilan thank you both for sharing your raw, real and beautiful personal stories, trials and triumphs with #trans issues and shedding light on the realities of discovering and accepting yours and your loved ones' identities. truly moving. my take away: the power of unconditional love can take us so very far so long as we keep an open ear, open heart and open mind to the true human spirit, inside and out 🙇🏻‍♀️💜✨

[MÚSICA] Paul Jebanasam é um dos artistas convidados para o Festival Multiplicidade,no Rio. Músico britânico se apresenta no sábado, saiba mais: https://t.co/TzjxfWXQ2f #ArtConnectsUs

[CINEMA] Os três filmes da mostra Clássicos do Queer Britânico, que fez parte do Festival do Rio l Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival este ano, estarão em cartaz em São Paulo dentro da Seleção Rio 2017 do CineSesc. Programe-se!

Quinta-feira, 9/11, 19 horas: ORLANDO - A MULHER IMORTAL
Sábado, 11/11, 21 horas: MINHA ADORÁVEL LAVANDERIA
Quarta-feira, 15/11, 19 horas: EDUARDO II Mais info em www.sescsp.org.br #ArtConnectsUs

New project started this week at Sutton Elementary School. We're creating 3 mosaics, each 3' x 4' for outside at the front entrance. A very different approach this time; these mosaics are being created spontaneously using a wide variety of materials I've been collecting in my studio over the years. The students, K- 5 are collaborating to see how they might connect their ideas across all 3 panels. It's been really much fun so far!
#artistresidency #kasthillstudio #recycledstainedglass #recycledart
#artinschoolsmatters #artconnectsus

Começou nesta segunda-feira (6), a exibição do Carrossel Performático de Fyodor no Sesc Consolação. Oito artistas apresentam produções independentes com o tema "De Cabeça para Baixo", que são exibidas simultaneamente em uma plataforma que gira conforme o público interage com ela.
Entrada gratuita. Classificação indicativa: 16 anos.
Veja a programação e conheça os britânicos participantes em nosso site: www.britishcouncil.org.br/events/carrossel-performatico-do-fyodor #ArtConnectsUs

I got asked by numerous friends and family if I was scared to go to Paris in light of events that have occurred the past few years. I didn’t think twice about going and was not at all scared. It is important to remember the foreign perspectives of the USA, “The United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, France, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Germany are among those urging caution to U.S.-bound travelers. The concerns include mass shootings, police violence, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT attitudes and the Zika virus.” ~from a 2016 USA Today article
#fiac2017 #fiacparis #fiac #contemporaryart #paris #parisart #gypsysoultravelco #gypsysoularttravel #dontbeafraid #stoptheviolence #weareallone #artconnectsus #dontjudgeothers #keepontraveling #contemporarypainting

British Council I Wallpaper* Thai Edition .

คุณลภาพิม ชัยรัชนิกร ผู้ก่อตั้งเเบรนด์ ‘LARINN BY DOUBLE P’ มีเเนวคิดเเรกในการรังสรรค์ชิ้นงานรองเท้าคู่สวยสวมใส่สบาย รวมไปถึงผลิตภัณฑ์อื่นอีกร้อยเเปดประการว่า ต้องการช่วยให้ภูมิปัญญาเก่าของชาวบ้านที่คนส่วนใหญ่สนใจน้อยลง ให้ยังคงอยู่ ด้วยการรับซื้อผ้าทอในท้องถิ่นเมืองลำพูน มาต่อยอดให้กลายเป็นผลิตภัณฑ์ภายใต้ชื่อเเบรนด์ที่ตนเองสร้างขึ้น #artconnectsus #wallpaperthailand #wallpaperthtasteexplore #refine #explore #experience #art #design #thaicraft #thaidesigner #britishcouncil #britishcouncilthailand

✨grateful for twenty six 🙇🏻‍♀️ grateful for every single moment that has led me here and every single person who has helped me along the way. there's still so much to learn and still a hella lot of love to give. (p.s. love nola traditions, like money pinning on your birthday! 💸)✨

Boo! Shop Local. Visit our Hallow Wall. #proctorartgallery #shoplocal #smallbusiness #artconnectsus

At @CinemathequeIloilo tonight for the #CineEuropa2017 reception and film screening of @a_moving_image_film. Here with EU Delegation's Robert Leon and Matthias Lentz, @fdcpofficial Exec Director Wilfredo Manalang, UK Ambassador Daniel Pruce, British Council's Lai del Rosario, and Cinémathèque Iloilo's Daniella Caro. #artconnectsus #film #cinema #iloilo

Always enjoy seeing my art in unexpected places. Attended a charity fundraising meeting for Children's Hospital at a private home and found one of my pieces circa 2011. I love the creative use as a coffee table tray! #artconnectsus #irememberyou #jenniferansardiart #sugarplumball #greciangala #childrenshospital #neworleansartist #abstractart #loveiseverywhere

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