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Me and my boys! #armedandready

Little man putting in work @1k.zoeboydre 3 years of CrossFit has changed this kids life in many ways! Super proud of this little guy. #crossfit #crossfitarmed #fitfam #armedandready #armedanddangerous

Shame the guy in the orange shirt out angled me in this pic #PR2D2 #UniversityOfBiami #ArmedAndReady

Had the pleasure of working a Easter party for Victoria Beckham yesterday. First time meeting her and her beautiful daughter and they were a class act. Tonight it's off to Beverly Hills to work in the Belly of the beast. XO #executiveprotection #alist #armedandready

Busy stocking the site for a Saturday night FLASH SALE! 20% off from 9-11pm with code WEEKEND ! Get 'em while they're hot! #armedandready

Army arms (also, arms) with the armorer in the armory 💪🔫🇦🇲
#Armor #ARMedAndReady #AllitterationAddiction #LTLife


CFC-Singles for Christ Provincial Conference
😍😍😍 #ArmedAndReady

#armedandready keeping colchester safe from those bastard squirrels #notgettingmynuts

Me and my boys! #armedandready

Kids camp 2017 #armedandready 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

"I am THE GOLDEN ONE! Who burns just like the sun! Next time we meet is your disaster! Feel like I'm finally unbroken! Feel like I'm back from the dead! My strength back and confidence growing. Out of my way cause I'm ARMED AND READY!!!!!" - Casey Lee Williams in Armed and Ready; tribute to Yang Xiao Long. Thanks @caseyleewilliams for the badass song to light the fire in me and thanks @bdunkelman for being the character that brings me color #boxing #msubobcats #rwby #armedandready #keepmovingforward #TheOneAndOnly

Three things I am most #grateful for today: -Having enough #energy after work to finally finish my bathroom project. I had two nagging tasks I have been ignoring. Being healthier = more energy!
-Finding a new non-toxic laundry detergent on sale in TJ Maxx that I have been eying for a week now
-Birthday shopping for the nephew 17th (Yess, he is turning 17 people!) Everyone should know how to use a power drill! #armedandready


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