Ac; idk I’m sorry :’0
Dt; everyone❤️

so happy to see that shes having fun :)) via; arianas youtube

sorry for the crap quality

#ariana grande

Getting ready to watch the rodeo 🐎 #ariana 5 #sheloveshorses #cowgirlintraining #itshotouthere #rainmakerrodeo

Truly a look🙌🏽
- @bellahadid 🦋

I spent all those months out, it was difficult for me to carry the problems on my back, to be quiet for so long, to be able to have the maturity to resolve and to think that everything will be fine. I looked at myself in the mirror, and wondered when all this was going to end, when things would stop repeating and getting bigger. It was hard to deal with all of this and I know that somehow it all served as a lesson to me and I'm sure I'll take my whole life. The fan club is important to me and, always will be, I loved sharing my feelings for Hailey, for you, I took it all in an honest and valuable way, I did what I could, I gave my best and enjoyed it. These days I was thinking, if I do not love myself, who will love me? If I carry hate in my heart and resentment, I will treat people badly. If you do not forgive yourself, how will you forgive someone. While, I am out, I am learning many things and teaching others. And, I want to thank Hailey for being a part of my life, I'm almost 1 year old here and I'm proud of all this and, what a great pity, without this girl what would become of me? And what of my idols what would become of me, too? It made me live, be happier, grow and learn, my heart is grateful for it, and infinite happiness. Thank you all, and for being patient with me. And, do not worry I'll be back, I'm giving only a little time for myself and for my life. See you! 💕💕

- @bellahadid 🦋

I just would like the time to say that I love and appreciate you all and that you all mean the world to me goodbye❤️
- @bellahadid 🦋

pleasee give us snippets, I think she will, she loves us enough to ♡ so I think she will. hopefully.

‘11’!! i love this filter!
eleven or mike?

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i got fake nails for the first time and it’s sooooo hard to type ( it took me like a whole 30 minutes to type this )

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