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✦ Irish Engagement 🍀 #JoshuaTree Style. .
. Want the story? Read on my friends...
. Kids settled. Hair tied up in knot (just being real - littles are 1 and 3). Coffee in hand (first cup ‘o many). Sip. Sip again. Open email...
. It’s from Ireland...from Conor.
. He and Madison are Engagement Ring shopping and liked a more #artdeco style ring of mine. So we chatted a bit, and after walking through a few different concepts, we landed on a modified diamond version of a #turquoise #ruby ring they’d seen on my IG. A very different design trajectory than that which we started on, but still very sleek and #architectural. That’s part of the fun of the design process; it can take twists and turns along the way and you often land upon a different concept than what you thought you wanted when you began. Plus, when working #custom - we can create from scratch, virtually any way you want.
. So after agreeing upon the design concept, we selected our primary stone. After that, Madison was out of the loop to engage some element of surprise. Conor was the best partner for me to #collaborate with. We shared #production shots along the way to keep each other in the process loop. He was so sweet and supportive - it is easy to see why Madison picked him as her #forever guy.
. Once the ring was complete, I promised Conor I wouldn’t post anything publicly until after he’d #proposed ... and that special day has finally come!!!! In such an international story, they got #engaged (practically) in my backyard, in #JoshuaTree - can you believe it?!! What a small world 🌎. And what a magical place to declare your love 💖. With their permission, I share some shots from this incredibly sweet, darling couple. Please join me in Congratulating them and wishing them love and happiness for years to come ❤️✨✨.

Another section process model for my B5 thermal bath house sequence: Heat/Cool/Dry. I’m trying to model more this semester to experiment with the process of volume, circulation and representation... it’s also just plain fun to build things haha Enjoy! #arch #architecture #architectureschool #architecturestudent #architecturaldesign #architectural #architettura #arquitectura #model #modeling #scalemodel #scale #architecturefactor #instaarch #design #designer #woodmodel #basswood #section #sectionmodel

The #NSWARB has maintained the Register of Architects since 1923. For a long time, not much changed.
But today, that Register is working harder.
All architects can now choose to add links and contacts so that prospective clients who may be searching the Register also have a chance to check out work, and make contact directly with an architect.
What’s more, architects can update their entry on the Register at any time. Just head to the ‘person’ icon top right to log in to your account.
Add the details you want people to see. It may be a website, mobile number, email address or social media sites.
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