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And i'd swim a thousand seas... to hold you once more ❤️ #roxanneemerysavedme @roxanne_emery

A special shout-out goes to @under_ground_decals for taking this concept and spreading it across the globe with her decals. From meeting complete strangers with printed shirts to my boy @mrcallmejc27 making the @ultra livestream flaunting the hat I made him, #AnjunaFamily came out in full force for #MiamiMusicWeek.
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“As cheesy as it sounds, @odesza’s music catapulted my inner strength. It really put me at ease with my own capabilities. I knew I could push through, no matter how hard it was.” -Alee
Read Alee’s story in our latest blog. Link in bio.

Holy cow - the talent on this month’s show knocked it out of the park. This is a big one! New music from Fehrplay, Tinlicker and Pete K, guest mix this month courtesy of Kristina Sky. Stream it now via link in my bio 👀
Artists featured in my mix are tagged in this post!
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After being a ghost for over a year, my first release in a while is starting to shape up! :)

I still find it amazing how the world (or at least the USA) is just recently hopping onto the bandwagon of trance... But better late than never. This kinda music is the world to me. Sometimes it was the only friend I had back in the day that would cheer me up. But you know what? That's ok, because now I can share my old friend with all my new friends. #seantyas #lofisugar #uplifting #anjunafam #anjunabeats #fsoe

Tripping on bpm’s of 2nd recording, which might be the version I’m gonna use. 127 will do I guess.. a very big thank you to my jammed keyboard. Otherwise I would have never tested it by playing these chords just out of the blue.

We take a look back at the great vibes on the dancefloor as @guymantzur and @khenmusic graced us with their music @codatoronto last month. We’re back there again on May 4th with @gabrielndresden playing All Night Long! 🐼🎼🎚

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