Name: Eric West
Age: 22
Birth date: November, 6th, 1996
Sex: Transgender Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Status: Single

Nationality: American
Race: Korean American
Skin Color: Slightly Tanned
Hair Color: Naturally Black, has a tendency to dye it.
Body Type: Thin, dancer like build
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150

Personality: Closed off and shy when you first meet him. Once he opens up he is stubborn, kind, sassy, and loving.
Likes: Reading, hot baths, playing with his kid, and getting out of the house
Dislikes/Fears: Heights, being alone for long periods of time, tight enclosed spaces. He also hates lemons and lemonade.

Turn ons: Rough sex, soft sex, neck kisses, teasing, BJ's
Turn offs: Watersports or anything to do with bodily fluids

Extra facts!
-Works to support himself and his daughter. -Melody: 3 years old
-Was kicked out by his parents at 18
-Has anxiety and Depression
-Has had top surgery. //#yaoirp #anime #animeguy #gayrp

Winter vibes!!
I know it’s November but Michigan has been reminding me how cruel it is by snowing!❄️🌨
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