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I love the Ampersand. I love the curves of a calligraphic or traditional-style character and the simplicity of a contemporary style. I like that Ampersands can be used to represent ‘and’, or be used as a designation to avoid confusion. One of my favorite things about an Ampersand though, is that it is one of the few characters in the English language that stands alone with a distinct meaning. The ampersand does it all.

And then...? #dudewheresmycar #andthen

Your smile can light up a room and the interviewer WILL take note. It's a such a small guesture, but this nonverbal conversational cue could be your golden ticket for your dream job. #Today don't forget to smile.

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이런걸로 내 배를 채울수 있다고 생각한다면 맞다 😄.
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,,Sokféle mosoly van. Van a kifutófiúnak szánt mosoly. Van a "hogy érzed magad ma reggel, drágám" mosoly. És van az a mosoly. Minden nő ismeri azt a mosolyt. (...) Ahogy a szerelmes fiatal lányok mosolyognak.”
Luca D`Andrea Photo: Adrián Bárdi @adrian_bardi_photography
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Actually Mr K. I am driving the train. Or at least I'm pretending to, which is a start because I've not felt I've had a lot of control over anything for the last couple of years, but rather it's just been a series of (kinda shit) things that have happened one after the other... I caved and permitted myself a rather un British blog about them all last week where I actually shared them. Today, after Betts cardiologist appointment I can now add the next 'and then' to it (& then she was fine - yey!) So it's up to read. You know where to find it 👆

Fotbal je úžasná hra, která si podmanila celý svět. Dva kluci fandi dvoum odlišným mužstvům, ale i přesto jsou nejlepší kamarádi 👬❤💙.
Plus nějaká ta pěkná slečna nesmí samozřejmě na fotce chybět 😂.
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Ok so let me tell you about MY day yesterday.. 😃
I woke up thinking it was just a normal #Tuesday . Got up with the baby to change and feed him went out to the living room. The hubby made me some yummy breakfast. (Nothing unusual. Sometimes he does that.) I had plans to do laundry and clean/organize the nursery.
After Breakfast as I'm giving the little one another feeding (boy is always hungry) Scott asked me not to go on fb all day #Suspicious .. then he walks into the livingroom holding his phone up talking (he was live) and in walks a girl with a fold up table. He surprised me by having someone come to our home to give me a massage! 😯 He took the baby and I got a very amazing and #MuchNeeded massage. I though that was very sweet of him and I was happy to feed the baby and get on with my day.
I was in the nursery changing a diaper and he walks in talking to that phone again lol 🤣 .. "You are getting a facial" he said. So he took the baby and I walk into the livingroom to see another girl with yet another fold up table lol .. She was great!! My face is so soft right now. Ok so then I figured that is awesome of him but that was it. ...
He offered to go grab lunch for us so I switched out the laundry and sat down to feed the baby. #AndThen a knock at the door. I walked over with my baby #Attached lol .. a girl with a roller bag said "Hi Im here to cut your hair!" 😄 so I let the stranger in haha .. we took off 5 or 6 inches in a spur of the moment. If you know me you know I don't usually make decisions that fast and especially not about my hair lol but I thought #WhyNot 😊 ..it looks and feels great! ...
#SoThen I thought ok now it's all done.. Right!?
I was taking a nap on the couch with the baby. Scott was playing a videogame. Back to normal? Lol You would LIKE to think that wouldn't you.
Another knock at the door. Another girl with a roller bag. THIS time I was getting a #GelManicure and #Pedicure! Now let me just say my feet NEEDED that pedi so bad lol ...
Today I woke up thinking maybe it was a dream.. but my hair is shorter, my nails are blue, my face is soft, and my back is sore. #ItWasReal 😁😍🤓 #MyHusbandIsTheBest

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