NXT Takeover War Games 2 Takeaways.
* Riddle is awesome bro
* Shayna Actually had a good match
* Black or Gargano needs to be on the main roster as soon as possible
* Dream is the future and Mr.Takeover
* War Games was awesome but I expected UE to win
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Justo un año atrás se retomaba el concepto de #WarGames en #NXT, una lucha que enfrentó a #Akam, #Rezar y #RoderickStrong contra #TheUndisputedEra y #Sanity.
Además #AndradeCienAlmas derrotó a #DrewMcIntyre capturando el Campeonato Varonil de NXT, mientras que #EmberMoon hizo lo propio con el femenil venciendo a #KairiSane, #NikkiCross y #PeytonRoyce.
Otros encuentros en la cartelera fueron #KassiusOhno vs #LarsSullivan y #AleisterBlack vs #VelveteenDream.

Mandy is the fifth member.. *whispers*

My review for NXT Takeover: WarGames 2 (2018)
The second consecutive time ever the newly revived WarGames lowers down onto a NXT ring, NXT Takeover: WarGames 2, being held at the Staples Center in Los Angles, California, promises to bring as much carnage and high quality professional wrestling, as NXT usually does! And on a side note, X-Pac brought his dog to the show.
Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno: BRO! Okay, this lighting fast knockout squash bout didn't really take time away from the show. It was pretty much there to serve it's purpose of showcasing the recently signed Matt Riddle and pump up the crowd. No rating for this one.
Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane: A little underwhelming for their "payoff final", this match felt more like a Greatest hits compilation from their previous bouts, instead of a fantastic new thing in its own right. We got the aggressive version of Sane that has been shown before, and lots of the fighting underdog beats like usual. There was also a major lacking in any sort of emotional hook. The run in interferences didn't really help elevate anything. The pin was a clever twist on the champ countering the "InSane Elbow" into a choke, but with the rapid pace of the whole match and how quickly everything happened, this match felt like a bit of a letdown. 6/10 * Continues down below! *

Okay so Alexa was motivating her team (lol) and then Nia said they’ll win because of what she did to Becky (gurl shut up go back to the Performance Center😑) Then Nattie attacked Ruby because of the sunglasses story.. Team Raw is buried🥳


Алистер Блэк против Джонни Гаргано.
Матч рекомендован к просмотру. Гаргано отлично отыгрывает роль запутавшегося парня, который по видимому способен на любой поступок, а Блэк как всегда готов отстаивать свою непобежденность на PPV от любого.
Если честно, у Блэка был прекрасный выход, аля Гробовщик, но его жилетка с шипами никак не смотрится с трусами, ему бы штаны...
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