Magnus: i love you Alexander
Alec: i love you too

En la forma en que se miran y se dicen i love you me parece tan adorable y sincero son gran ejemplo para mi esta pareja ; luchan protegiéndose del uno al otro y se quieren con mucha dulzura;mi opinión es que esta pareja se merece ser feliz porque ahora mismo lo están pasando mal se merecen mucho y más me encantan estos chicos ➰MALEC➰ #malec #aleclightwood #magnusbane #shadowhunters #alecxmagnus #iloveyou 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 @matthewdaddario @harryshumjr @shadowhunterstv @kitkatsmeow @domsherwood @isaiahmustafa @albertorosende (Comenta tu parte favorito del capítulo 3x10)

alec is dead..?


ever just start a show and think what wtf this isn't actually shit? -E🕳

Ay 😍
🖤 Malec 🖤
Es mí episodio favorito de la primera temporada 💕
¿Qué tanto los shippean?

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bye lmao

and at that moment
He knew he fucked up

when you want to 69 but she wants to 96

can he have a really dramatic death scene, then come back as a vampire or something? thats what mika did in seraph of the end like s h i t

Right, so we have found ourselves another gay character, this doesn't mean Alec is going to go and cheat like there's no tomorrow. If Clary spoke to another man, does this mean she's going to cheat on Jace? No.
Alec has alot of respect and love for Magnus, and he'd be a bloody fool to cheat on him.

I forgot this was supposed to be a Voltron account tbh.

Can't stop won't stop bye 🙃🙃


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