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There’s something about old buildings...

A staircase in the middle of the beach framed up so nicely for this opportunity. I just had to stop to take some photos.

Throwback to our fall Ape Canyon Hike on Mt St Helens with beautiful views of Mt Adams. Tyler and I loved this hike so much! It was a quiet day with a handful of bikers on the trail and the only other hikers we saw were hiking with their house cats on leashes - it was amazingly cute and the cats were in heaven! Believe it or not, this isn’t the only time we’ve encountered hiking house cats; it’s a fairly normal thing to do at forest park in Portland! #keepportlandweird #apecanyon #mtsthelens #mtadams

you should learn from other regardless their age or your age. This little girl right here, my little sister learned me how to not give a fuck about others. She learned me that I should do what ever the fuck I want to do and that I should not care about what others thing of me. If they think I am a weirdo or if they think that I am childish. I just dont care anymore I am who I am and I wont change that. This does not mean that I am getting ignorant. Maybe I am a little but I try not to be. Because I see so many older people around me that think I am less then them. That I know way less then them and that I should listen to them. It doesnt work that way. You cant ask anything from others.
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You put one foot in front of the other.

Stag party challenge level:
Ljubljana's thrilling zipline 👊

Gotta love Dublin for a stag party 🍺
📷 @visitdublin

Back in time

Imagine this being your evening commute?
Husky Sledding for stag parties 👌

Coming out of my cage and Ive been doing just fine.

It’s times like these, spent in good company that I miss having the freedom to take spontaneous trips. As much as I like planning for the future and the excitement that accompanies it, I also take pleasure in catching a train on a random Saturday with no other plan than to just enjoy the day. The schedule I’ve acquired recently barely allows me the time to cook myself a decent meal at the end of the day let alone take a trip. The swiftness of this whirlwind will dissipate and my time will be better dedicated to creating and venturing out on my long list of trips that have been on my mind. In the meantime there are many rolls of film sitting undeveloped waiting to be seen, which makes waiting for my next venture a bit more bearable.

& at the end of the day, it is the people you connect with and the experiences you share with them that truly matter🏠🌲☁️

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