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Cuando tenia 13 años me pasaba mirando videos en YouTube de estos atletas, hoy no solo lo vi en vivo... entrene con ellos 😱 !!!!!!
Hace algunos meses atrás abandonaba una carrera por la lesión que me hizo parar de correr por meses (fueron días difíciles, por diferentes razones) .. “todo eso” me dejo una enseña.. que en la vida siempre hay revancha y recompensa, cuando seguís intentándolo.
Todavía falta mucho para ser la corredora que sueño, pero estoy convencida que voy por el camino correcto con buenas personas y profesionales.
Gracias @federosa69 @rosassociati #nikerunning #justdoit #rosassociati #africa #etiopia #ethiopia #addisabeba

Semhal Drømmer | @iamdrommer | Addis Abeba. 18 y.o she is the youngest female DJ in Ethiopian.
Actually she’s recurring Korenti and Taste of Addis DJ and she’s about to sign a brand deal with The new Dashen Beer in Ethiopia and working at the biggest clubs until event season is back!

Musical Blessings from Mama Ethiopia!!! Here the 2nd Part of what we been up to MusiCALI! .
FILMED & EDITED BY: @alleyezonit in #AddisAbeba #iThoughts #CaliP #Tiwony #AfricanLove

Good evening Addis.... #Addisabeba #ethiopia

PERSONE SPECIALI sono quelle che stanno in un angolo del cuore e da lì non usciranno più.....#raffaella #addisabeba #solidarietà #globalgoals


Injera, prato típico da Etiópia!! #injera #etiopia #africa #addisabeba

The next day we all piled into the van and headed back to BAHEIR DARBI DARBI DAR. There we met up with the rest of north team for a super great lunch at a resort. Yeah, apparently you can just order dinny at these places, pretty cool eh!?!
Then it was time for goodbyes. Always bittersweet.
It was time for us to go! Ratchet ratchets strapped down our luggage and we headed off to the airport with full stomachs and happy hearts.
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So i got news, I got done my nails LAQUED this wednesday with UV/LED lamp for the first time, yes that's what they call it, laqued. I know I'm a little behind the trends, I'v already heard about this just didn't have the real interest to try it. When i was told that it could last more than 2 weeks I couldnt resist because my nails get chipped fast and it's annoying sometimes especially when they do the same day you paint them. The colour I chose is lemonade pink, nothing fancy, next time, when my nails grow I 'll try something cool. So cost was 100 Birr and I believe it's great mainly when you don't have the time nor the patience to do your nails as often as you would like. And the result is as you can see neat and nice. I got my nails done in a hair salon, do you know any nice places to get nails laqué in Addis?
#laquednails #nailsdone #funinaddis #pamperyourself #letsgoutinaddis #ethiofollow #addisabeba #ethiopia

Tea time! This time I went out again by myself to a cafe named Zola around Megenagna next to Genet Building to indulge in an another delicious cake. Guess you r figuring out that I very much like cakes. This time I ordered one called Snow White. It was a good one and not too sweet for the ones who prefer it this way. Other than that, their place is cosy and modern. The service is convenient so recommended to chill out but no WiFi there.
The cost for this order was 45 Birr. Next where shall I go?
#indulge #funtime #pastry #funinaddis #cakeinaddis #teainaddis #cafeinaddis #Zolacafe #addisabeba #ethiopia #ethiofollow #letsgoutinaddis

Xmass party@
@German school
Searching for Santa 🤔 #Addisabeba

Time is not measured by clock but by moments 🔫

This is Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, #Ethiopia
Circa. #1905
An Ethiopian warrior poses for a portrait with War attire in 1905 #AddisAbeba
Details details details. The young warrior is like an art. Fierce with fire in his eyes.
(1) The Tàbanjja (Rifle) is for long distance combat. Fire at the enemy. Before the gun was introduced, an Ethiopian Warriors weapon of choice for long distance was the spear
In the ancient world, Ethiopians were celebrated for their deadly skill with the spear. Never missed a target with a spear.
One of the most famous stories in Islam is about Hamza, one of the greatest warrior in all of #Arabia, who was brought down by an Ethiopian with a spear at a well known Battle (Battle of Uhud). That Ethiopian later accepted Islam & became Islam’s feared warrior
(2) The Gòradèh (Sword). The sword on side waist is for close combat. Back in the day, number of rounds in rifle were limited.Ethiopians Warriors would charge forward at full speed like crazed fanatics while firing the Tàbanjja & Shiggút (gun)
Then,once they are about several feet away from the enemy, drop the rifle & pull out the sword & begin smitting at the enemy
Swords, just like everywhere else in the world, were important in Ethiopia. #Ethiopian sword were very long (they got shorter in the 19th & 20th century)
Ethiopian sword became associated with Arabian sword.Today,when people refer to Ethiopian sword,they say “Arabian sword.”
(3) Gashà (Shield).The shield he is holding is meant to protect him from many things, spear, bullets, arrows,swords etc. Different styles used by Ethiopians.
Usually, Ethiopians carried 2 shields. A small & big, covering the entire body. But over the years, carrying around big shield made the warrior immobile & slowed him/her down. New developments meant he had to move fast & quick.So,after 18th century,big shields were droped in favor of smaller that allowed the warrior to move quick
(4) The lion mace headgear were worn by warriors as proof that they have faced a lion & came our victorious. Means “are you brave enough to face me?”
This is Ethiopia (not #Sparta)
If only we could tell our stories

#vintageethiopia #lionorder

Many congratz to my girl, colleague and loyal client @safezewdu for this great achievement

IDEA (international dentist exhibition in Africa), she managed to facilitate five countries in Africa to attend to this unique event (Tanzania included). #ITA

Look who is coming to town and to soreti spa..
The Guru of hair Extensions @lostcombstyles all the way from Washington DC, u better not loose this opportunity guys!!!! Make sure u RSVP! #lostcombstyles #soretispa #makeupbyatkilt #hair #extensions #guru #beauty #salon #ethiopian #addisabeba #hairtutorial 😍😍😍

A view of Addis from the top floor of the MOST... #addisabeba #addisababa #city #ethiopia #contrast

African Shade exhibition... Some of my favorite pieces. Stained glass art by Enrica di Martino.
Come to Aladdin Restaurant to check out these beautiful pieces until December 21
#Art #stainedglass #stainedglassart #Africa #Ethiopia #AddisAbeba #

Kurzer SPA-Besuch vor dem Rückflug und dann geht es auch schon wieder pünktlich zum Wochenende ab ins winterliche Deutschland! ✈️ _______________________________________________________ #relaxationmode #travelbug #globetrotter #wanderlust #cozyday #flightattendant #crewlife #spa #bostondayspa #addisabeba #ethopia #letsFlyhome

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