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Beta tester in 2015 racking up a total of zero miles for @gozwift. Tomorrow I shall do slightly more #training #Zwift #turbo #intervals #fitness #RoadRash #AddWeapons

Medicine Ball Table Top Switches. Probably one of my favorite core routines courtesy of my good friend @diicee. Assume the table top situp position, balance some medicine balls on your legs (use a weight that challenges you @grimeytime ) and get to work. Reach for the ball furthest from you bring it up and over and perform a sit up then come back up put it back and do it again. Add this to your core routine and make people stare. @rae2205 this will be my entry for your next core challenge lol #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #core #astrongcorecandeflectbullets

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