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Black Panther is a game changer. I’m not going to give to much commentary but let’s just say that the mechanism of honest storytelling has the ability to reframe conversations and change lives. I think this film has potential for both. It is our intention with Honest Media to move towards creating longer-form content for this very reason. #livehonest #production #goseeit

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I like my girls just like I like my honey. Sweet. 🍯 A little selfish
I like my women like I like my money; green
A little jealous
'Cause I'm a beautiful wreck
A colorful mess, but I'm funny
Oh, I'm a heartbreak vet
With a stone-cold neck, yeah, I'm charmin
All the pretty girls in the world
But I'm in this space with you
Colored out the line
I came to find, my fire was fate with you
Heartache would stay with you
Fly great escapes with you

Looking forward to “Progress? The Art of Activism,” curated by the students in ART 415 Gallery Management (including many past and present CEAM gallery assistants!) in honor of President Joyner’s Inauguration. The theme for this year’s Inauguration is “Citizenship in a Diverse Democracy.” This opens on Friday, February 23 on the first floor of Kenan. Students will be on hand to give a walkthrough at 2pm!
#flaglercollege #flaglercollegeart #activism #posterart #activistart #emorydouglas


In the Gallery: #barnitzart ➡ Thank you @studiovisitmagazine and Lisa Crossman, Curator at the @fitchburgartmuseum for the opportunity!
🤔("Over 1000 individuals entered the competition and you are one of 350 artists who have been invited by Ms. Crossman.")🤔 #barnitzpattern #privatecollection #art #artist #contemporaryart #studiovisit #painting #artcurator #artcollector #artgallery #activistart #artcritic #nolaartist #Peace #life #usa #healing #Momentum #inspiration #visualart #peterbarnitz

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This painting in our gallery window is a bit of a traffic stopper. It expresses the outrage we all feel at the priests' lack of remorse for the damage they've done to so many children. Part of our current exhibition Public Stoning of a Pedophile Priest by @adamjamesk - on until 5 March. #royalcomission #childabuse #catholicchurch #activistart #art #oilpainting #katoomba #bluemountains

What a great start to 2018! I have been transitioning from over a decade of ministry to launching a creative agency and I have had so many “aha” moments. You see, I appreciate my ministry background and it has made me who I am today, but I also felt a little out of place in those environments. I didn’t fit into any of the traditional ministry molds and the best people would try to identify me based on what they’ve seen in church culture but none of it made sense to me or even to the function/gifting I operate in. Even though I wasn’t feeling a full fit, anywhere God sent me in ministry there has always been pretty cool fruitfulness and national things started which kept me wondering why I wasn’t feeling it?? I mean, I genuinely love God and I’m having a great impact so just keep doing more full time ministry right?! Well, many of the models for transforming culture in 2018 don’t fit in the historic expression of the ministry world... So... I’ll stop for now, but I just wanted to say, since launching Honest this year I can feel a side of me beginning to express itself and it is really great. I have so much more on this to share over the next few months. But for now I’ll just keep it to: For each of us God has a unique path, so walk it out wholeheartedly! It will be the most incredible adventure of your life! #livehonest

In an attempt to use capitalism as a tool for activism (I know, wish us luck), I’m offering discount codes this weekend to anyone who calls their congressional representatives to share their feelings on gun violence.  Here’s how it works: contact your representative (or use an app like @5calls to streamline the process). Send me a message when you’re done telling me a little bit about your experience (honor system, ppl), and I’ll respond with a discount code good for any single item on my site.  Alternatively, you can also purchase a pin outright, and $1 from each sale will go directly to @everytown.  All these offers are good until Monday.  If you’re generally shy about activism, or hate talking on the phone with strangers, etc…may this be the little push you were waiting for.  We need your voice & your energy.  We need you.

I’m down at the market in between coffee stalls, forgot my parasol, can someone bring sunscreen? #petition #activistart #yodo #castlemaine

Emmeline Pankhurst
Small portrait of the British suffragette by the artist Chantal Joffe

Got my piece all set up for the 82nd annual Juried Student Exhibition! I'm so happy with how this piece turned out. It's been a long haul, but worth it.
Titled, Brushing the Ivories, this piece is made up of thousands of (plaster cast) human teeth that form into an "ivory tusk" to both educate and question why, if the chemical composition of human teeth and ivory are extremely similar, we are willing to kill elephants for their tusks, but find our own teeth grotesque? Furthermore, how can we continue to dismiss or ignore such a grotesque act as poaching? Why are our lives not worth our teeth, but theirs are worth their tusks?
These animals are disappearing from our planet at an alarming rate. It's time for everyone (especially our politicians) to understand the severity and responsibility that have fallen on the shoulders of scientists and activists alike and realize it's time for immediate action and stronger steps to be taken in order to save them.
#elephants #ivory #teeth #politics #africanelephants #poaching #activism #art #activistart #endangered

Here we are again. I’ll be donating ALL the profits from this tee to @everytown. Because sadly in America, the only thing that seems to matter to our politicians is who’s paying them, not dead children at school. Link in bio. PS this is a women’s fit tee, but message me if you want the unisex cut and I can do that too.

My students painting small murals for an upcoming get political night of spoken word and punk music on campus #csumbart #csumbvpa #activistart #blackboxtheater #visualandpublicart

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