Stay quiet and let people wonder what you’re up to. 🤷‍♂️🙂 #behumble #silenceisgolden #actionsoverwords #lesstalkmoreaction #focused

Reason #275 to be an #entrepreneur :
LESSONS OF THE DAY!!! “If you talk about problems—- you get more problems & if you talk about solutions you get more solutions!” Whether you are dealing with an uncomfortable skirt or a shortage of funds... it does nothing for you to focus on it. Get your head right and find motivation & inspiration by acting on solutions that will move you forward. A great friend & business coach of mine @ericolson examples a life where he shares and teachs to his own kids. It only made sense for me to duplicate something so valuable for my own family!!! #lessonsoftheday #duplication #actionsoverwords

This one spoke to me today. What it said was that you don’t have to believe in God(s) to recognize that we don’t get to be the judge, and that when we approach people just trying to be helpful, we’re all much better off. A constant lesson for me 🙏🏽
#Spirituality #ActionsOverWords #Gratitude #Recovery #AlwaysLearning #RemainTeachable #MindBodySpirit #StayCentered

☝🏻Something to remember and practice for us all.
H♥️PPY Friday everyone! 🙌🏻🔛
sending you all the Love and light ..mwwaahhh
#smilemore #jummahmubarak #thoughtoftheday #actionsoverwords #😊

Trump deported the first protected Dreamer today. I won’t waste my time calling him Orange Cheeto. He’s a result of the many issues we haven’t faced but he’s not the issue. We need to focus our energies of he bigger picture. We need to get involved. We need to do better and be better. It takes more than criticism. It takes action. Be the change. 🔥#NotMeUs #actionsoverwords #unity #fucktrump #hollywood #touristforaday #friends #fun #pensive #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #immigrantsarewelcomehere progress #walkoffame⭐️ #losangeles #april #flickoff #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #truth

What I’ve learned over the years is that consistency in action is a form of respect. How do the people in your life treat you if they claim to value your presence? #morethoughts

You can replace He with just about ANYTHING #Government #She #Work #Relationships #Friendships ANYTHING... Words mean shit if actions can't back them up 💁 and I think I'm a put this as my screensaver because when I go around black men (I.e. The barbershop 😒) and they always be trying to convince me about #BlackLove I can show them this... I'm someone who has lived in over 15 different cities and dated everything from the Business exec to the street boy... The only difference is the business exec has too much to lose so he's going to do EVERYTHING to keep you from having his baby whereas the street boy doesn't mind fucking up your life because he doesn't have shit to lose anyway... But they all lie and mislead... Only black love I'm interested in experiencing is with another woman #KanyeShrug #ItIsWhatItIs #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords #Actions over #Words #ActionsOverWords

A man is never too “busy” when it comes to pursuing a woman he’s interested in. Men are hunters by nature so if he’s not making an effort to spend time with you or even just communicate with you daily, then tell him to move over honey, so the right man can. ✌️😌 #empoweringwomen #listenupladies #nogames #persistenceiskey #bepicky #actionsoverwords #plentyofsharksinthesea #keepitmoving

Today will only happen once and is all that's guaranteed.
Yet we continue to approach each day as if we are promised another. 💬
"I'll get to it next week." "Yea, I'll try to do that tomorrow." "I was thinking about doing that at some point . . . " ❔
How familiar are phrases like this? ❕
Realize the importance of today. Never will you get another opportunity the same as this one.
Capitalize on it.
Treat this day as if it's the last Wednesday you'll ever have. Feel alive and do things that produce liveliness within you. 💥
Don't wait to begin or put a delay on your dream vision.
Have fears, hesitations, or concerns? Good. It shows that this "something" matters to you.

I've been there - Where you are.

And now I am here, to get you where you want to be.
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Actions are better than words, words are just talk while actions are proof#actionsoverwords#truth

Don’t just tell me you want to be in my life. Prove it! #ActionsOverWords

When Taking Ownership Is Not Enough #actionsoverwords #agentofchange #brickhousestrength

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