Day Vacay Pt. 1 of 2 (I hope): Abu Dhabi in a day...That first pic is me at the A.D. dunes trying not to land on my right foot, which I fractured my big toe on about 18 hours earlier in a mad tussle w/a squirrel in my house...yep, a freaking squirrel. My life is bugged out.
2nd pic: Just hours before my long awaited vacation, I was in the E.R. during club partying time for 4 hours wondering why the vacation Gods didn't want me to be great on my break. [SB: Prior to the trip I kept saying the words "I'm limping into this vacation" cus of fatigue...then I literally limped into it. Words have power.] I ended with massive swelling, a open toe foot brace, some crutches and a cane. SMH.
3rd pic: Made my flight tho!😂 Even got to skip the security line a bit in a wheelchair. Every lil bit helps.

4th pic: After the 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi (I watched 5 movies in a row I needed to catch up on. No break in-between) we landed to intense heat and sights like this one.
5th pic: Quick change at the hotel, super fast link up with my man @leetnyc01 and we headed to the desert to experience the illest lighting fast ride on 30 ft. dunes where I thought our Land Cruiser was gonna flip over mad times...I cursed so much I can't even post the video of it all😂

6th pic: I swear that camel in the back is smiling for the shot!

7th pic: The bboy crouch...the Sunset was wild ill over those sand mounds.
8th pic: Camel ride view. Can't front...felt mad bad for the fella once I got on him. He grunted and groaned and I coulda sworn I heard him say "You lucky I'm too tired to fling ya ass somewhere..." My bad Joe!

9th pic: The belly dancer show. In the middle of the desert. Shorty was dancing to all types of music😂 She called the guys up and torso twerked, then had the ladies get sexy.

10 pic: Squeezed so much in that we missed checking out the famous mosque. Had the driver swing by for the look though. Majestic design, even iller in person. Will have to get back there to see inside and the new Louvre that just opened.
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dear mang boy, there’s so munch shit at the buffet table and yet I settle for a bowl 🍲 of vegetable 🌶 curry and rice. yes, at the end of the day (it’s called gabi), you go back to the simple peasant fare because it’s what makes you happy. nagmamahal, unkyel batjay #abudhabitales #batjaysworld

the biggest fair I have seen. BIGGEST. UAE can't do anything less it seems. #globalvillage #dubai #abudhabitales

holding on to my light #abudhabitales

a cup of sunlight in the dark #abudhabitales

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