her facial expression behind the glasses😂

Hello everyone! This is my second gatcha studio character drawn on digital. I used my 2 days in the weekend to make this, started at 4:06 in the afternoon. And finished off at 7:00 in the morning. ================================⚠️plagiarism will not be tolerated, that goes for tracing, editing, or posting it on other social medias, that includes reposting with my permission!⚠️
================================❗️This oc belongs to me❗️
================================App: IbisPaintx, Gatcha studio ================================Time taken: 4:06 Pm - 7:00 am
================================2018 / digital
================================Tags: #AaliyahTheSpellCaster #Aaliyah #ocdrawing #art #artist #artistoninstagram #artist #anime #animeart #GatchaStudio #gatchastudioart #okimdonenow #okimgoodnow #idkanymorehashtags #idkanymore #idk #instaart #digitalart #digitalartistoninstagram #oc #occharacters #occharacter

you told me to not make you cry, but i have no idea how to make my words tear-proof, so i’m sorry if you do end up tearing up. jayden, i’ve known you for a little over six months now, and i’ve seen you remain strong throughout so many downfalls and heartaches, and the fact that you hold yourself together so well even if you’re going through an emotional hurricane is something that i admire so much because i wouldn’t have been to survive what you’ve managed to survive. you have the spirit of a firecracker, in all honesty. and, i know that we’ve fallen off the wagon before, but i’m so happy that we came to our senses and were able to talk it out and apologize to each other because you mean absolutely everything to me, and there are certain situations that only you know about that i wouldn’t have been able to fully experience and go through if it weren’t for you. you are one of my closest friends on here, and i hope we never ever break off again because the idea of that actually frightens me. (i’m currently tearing up right now while writing this, so BEAR with me. wink, wink.) again, you always leave me speechless at how you maintain composure every time something bad occurs in your life, and i’m pretty sure that that characteristic is something that everyone wishes they could have—especially me because i don’t handle being hurt or in any kind of pain very well. trust me. all in all, i want you to know that i love you so very much, and i hold you so close to my heart. you have my heart, actually and i want you to keep it safe.

My funny valentine💕💕 #Aaliyah

That’s a Wrap!! Mai Lee #Skuuurrttt music video. Big thank you to @maileemusic & @redd818 😘❤️#stl #downtownstl #musicvideo #dancers #bannekerelementary #mailee #maileemusic #aaliyah #lili

AALIYAH #aaliyah - Don't Know What to Tell Ya (instru)

Side ways 🌹 | #Aaliyah #2000s #Queenofurbanpop

Close up 🌹 | #Aaliyah #2000s #Queenofurbanpop

kai. the original latin name being caius, meaning ‘happy’. something that i feel matches how you make me and the people surrounding you feel. i know we’ve only met recently, but i feel like i’ve known you forever. you are such a dork and one of the goofiest guys i’ve ever gotten to know. you make me laugh immensely, and i can’t wait to get to know you even more than i do now. i “ride your tip” all day long, i guess, according to random people just because we are friends. and, this post will just end up triggering more females because they don’t know that a joke is simply a joke. anyways, i wanted to let you know somewhere in this post that i love you so much—more than you could possibly know, and that i appreciate all the things you do for me, especially when people are starting their shit with me. you’re like an older brother to me, and i want to keep you with me forever and ever. so... don’t leave me. because i will cry. a lot. thank you for listening to my ted talk. pce.

Are there any songs by Aaliyah y’all haven’t listened to yet? #aaliyah

@kumbxa with the amazing blend ✨✨

Seriously, this shot and this pic specially, was totally ahead of their time. A gem ❤💎 [📷: Adam Weiss] #Aaliyah #AdamWeiss #AaliyahHaughton #MyEdit

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