Yes, this is a low-quality, lowly lit car selfie but what matters above all else? That I’m on day 7 of my detox and I’m feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

If a picture could sum up my week...sadly this would be it. #writingforsanity #lostmuse #wheredidileavemybrain #aweekin #trampolinesaredangerous #itsallfunright

It’s been a week since we launched our campaign to raise funds for the professional kitchen in our “soon to be” restaurant & micro bakery Marigold. If you haven’t yet seen our video and campaign then now is the time! Jump to the link in bio and see how we go foraging in Villa Pamphili and source our seasonal produce around in Rome.
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4 week challenge It’s tough but worth it. #disipline #determination #goals #aweekin #absmadeinthekitchen #💯 #4weekchallenge

Day 92 of 365: April 2nd.

While this book will be beyond helpful...holy wow! It’s so overwhelming!! Is there really all of this stuff involved in getting married?! I just wanna share his last name! I didn’t know everything was so intricate and detailed!
#weddingplanning #mightaswellstartnow #aweekin #andrewandcandace #alwaysandfireengines @lpockets @theknot

(Insta wouldnt let me comment yesterday) The 7th run/day was so hard.... .

Run everyday 2018. The 7th of January. 7th run of the year. Struggles. Today was tough. I ran early again today. I seem to run in these woods at the weekends. Its so pretty off road. Weekdays i tend to pound the streets. So today. I over ate. Celebration lunch and havent stopped eating wherever i have been today. No idea why? Oh and cold. Its so cold out running. I normally warm after a few minutes but couldn't warm today. My arm hurts. Again no idea why? Thought my legs would hurt first?! Oh and my iPod died 20 seconds into my run. I've learnt i need music to really push myself! Anyway. The important thing is that i got out. No excuses. I got out and had some headspace and i ran. Phew.

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We’re a week into 💎 and still in shock and awe, what a gift! Check out the beautiful way my friend and enroller Sara describes my story (full story on my blog/link in profile) "Oh my heart!!💙This is such a special day!! Let me tell you a little story about this new Blue Diamond couple from Nebraska.✨ Kristin and I have been friends for almost 20 years…dear dear friends. We met at church camp in Nebraska the summer of 1999…before each of us were married. Before we had 3 kids each. Before doTERRA even existed! But God had a plan that neither of us could fathom! Better than our wildest dreams.💕 When I think of Kristin…the words “hard-working”...“kind-hearted” and “problem-solver” come to mind. She’s a true leader. Magnetic. It’s fun to be friends with her.
And…it just so happens that we like all of the same things. The same food (shout out to sushi & Thai). The same hats. The same snuggly blankets. The same music. The list goes on. So...I would have been really sad had she not loved oils too. 😉

At first…I practically had to BEG HER to buy oils. She liked the Serenity + Balance rollerball I gave her…Somehow, I got her to agree to a small order. And as she fell more and more in love…she started to see that if she made a little money with doTERRA, that she could go to more garage sales and get cool things. And that got her fired UP.
I knew I had to get over to Lincoln to help her teach her first class....so I jumped on an overnight train from Colorado. 30 people came to that class…we laughed and cried and oiled. There are so many leaders in our midst that came from that first class!

We started to work together to raise up leaders within our TRIBE and teach them how to overcome fear and limiting beliefs. I watched her serve but as she served…something magical happened. HER life was changing too. As she helped others rise up...she was lifted as well. She saw a vision greater than she had ever seen before. A vision of what was possible. For her family. And her team.

Erin Boyle of @readtealeaves brings her minimalist philosophy to our fall collection, spending five consecutive days in the Julie turtleneck...
“Now, its super typical for me to dress in the exact same thing for several days running. I think it’s the ultimate measure of whether you really love something.” #AWeekIn

Erin Boyle of @readtealeaves brings her minimalist philosophy to our fall collection, spending five consecutive days in the Julie turtleneck...
“I love being able to layer a cozy turtle under a comfy jumpsuit.” #AWeekIn

Erin Boyle of @readtealeaves brings her minimalist philosophy to our fall collection, spending five consecutive days in the Julie turtleneck...
“I’m always dressing for comfort. I love that this turtleneck is made mostly from merino so that it’s super warm without being bulky.” #AWeekIn

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