Dry clean only

Couldn’t even get the tag off MY new welcome mat 🍍

How do I get these birds? 🦅 🐦

My favorite spot ☀️

First I yawn, den I shhhweep 💤

‘Scuse me, what’s for dinner?

These hardwoods are keeping me nice and cool 😎

“I just ate a fly” ⏩
“Was that a good idea?”

I need a good nap before thirsty Thursday

Eye on the prize 🍦

New modeling shots 📷

A screen made just for me to look out 🌞

Do you think they’ll find me in here? 🌳

Searching for the spring sun ☀️

During the playoffs my parents let me drink with them 🏒 🐻

Admiring my parents new bedroom set. I can see outside now!!

Testing out my parents new mattress and giving a @tyrabanks #smize

The face you make when you realize it’s a human bed and not another cat tower 🙄

My mom thinks I should go on a diet but I’m still in winter eating mode 🤷🏻‍♀️

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