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Navajo Nation tribal member Cole Skeet is a 2nd-year student who started his #UNM experience by participating in the American Indian Summer Bridge Program. Cole’s focused most of his time in the past 2 years on excelling academically as a Criminology major, with a minor in History – Centennial Library & the Zimmerman Library Basement are his frequent homework & study spots! His ultimate career goals include becoming a detective or history professor. Although he’s a serious student, Cole is all about fun & games as well – he’s an avid Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, a super-savvy video game tournament competitor (Street Fighter V is his thing!) and is a Star Wars fanatic. Cole admits that he wouldn’t be where he is now in life without the support of his mother and encourages his fellow #Lobos to “expand your horizons and try something new!” #AISSLobo #NativesInEducation #AISBAlum

This week’s #AISSLobo is an #AISBAlum from the Pueblos of Laguna & Cochiti. She’s a 2nd-semester freshman double-majoring in ASL Interpreting and International Studies with a focus in Russia and Eurasia – she’s working hard to reach her ultimate career goal as an American Sign Language interpreter for the CIA and travel the world to be of service to humanity. Los Lunas, NM is Ameerah’s hometown where she grew up being supported by her parents (aka her Heroes!) who constantly encourage her to be the best person she can be. Ameerah has big dreams and hopes her personal aspirations also influence her nieces & nephews to accomplish amazing things in life for themselves. Ameerah’s words of encouragement/advice for her fellow Lobos: “Things that seem hard in life should be attractive so, go for it!” Learn more about Ameerah’s #LoboLife on Wednesday when she takes over @aissunm Snapchat! #UNM #GoLobos

Theresa Cruz-Sandoval (San Felipe & Ohkay Owingeh Pueblos) is spending her first-year experience as a #Lobo focused on her courses and applying for as many scholarships as possible to help fund year two in 2018-19. This #AISSLobo aspires to be a successful female leader for her tribes and with a hero like her grandpa – who always has her back – she’s right on track. Fun Fact: she relies on berries, almonds, cereal or leftover dinner to get thru long study sessions and inspire creative & critical thinking when she’s writing papers. #AISBAlum #GoLobos

Last year as a senior at Hiroshi Miyamura High School in Gallup, NM; Aleya Rivas was asking herself some questions many other high school seniors are probably thinking about right now: “What can the American Indian Summer Bridge Program do for me?” “What will I gain if I participate in this program?” “What perspective can I bring to AISB?” Now that she’s an #AISBAlum, Aleya reflects back on how the 5-week experience provided her the chance to gain time management & study skills; an opportunity to build friendships; and gain academic confidence by establishing a competitive GPA before the start of her 1st official semester at UNM in Fall 2017! She just started the 2nd half of her freshman year 2 weeks ago & looks forward to an amazing Spring 2018 term. Start paving your own academic road to success by submitting a completed #AISB online application at aisb.unm.edu by April 13th – Don’t miss out! #TipsAndTricks #AISB18 #GoLobos

Kirtland, New Mexico is Antawn Wood’s hometown and he’s been making the Navajo Nation proud of all his academic accomplishments since beginning his #UNM experience as an American Indian Summer Bridge Program participant. This week’s #AISSLobo &  Sophomore student recommends GEO/ME 217 – Energy, Environment, & Society as a course to take for any #Lobo. He’s proclaimed UNM’s Late Night Breakfast as one of his favorite traditions and will be focused this semester on reaching his 4.0 GPA goal. This #AISBAlum has these words of advice for his fellow Lobos, “Call your parents, they miss you.” Get to know more about Antawn when he takes over @aissunm Snapchat tomorrow! #GoLobos

This week’s #AISSLobo Hope Johnson (White Mountain Apache) is shaking things up as a first year Political Science student. As an on-campus resident, Hope’s connected to campus life easily & balances her studies with employment as a Library Technical Assistant at the Indigenous Nations Library Program. She’s motivated by the idea of success and happiness; and her s/heroes are her sister Aspen, her nephew Ezra, and all her friends. Interesting insight about Hope is that she not only enjoys cheering on the Chicago Bears; but also has a secret passion for cats so much that she follows @cats_of_instagram. Check out Hope’s world when she takes over @aissunm Snapchat tomorrow! #AISBAlum #GoLobos

Because #AISSLobo Nathan Moquino is the first in his family to attend graduate school, one might call him a trend setter. He hails from San Felipe & Santo Domingo Pueblo and aspires to be a tribal administrator to give back to his communities after graduating. Nathan is half way through his first semester of graduate school & is motivated by his dad and his younger siblings. If Nathan could have lunch with a native leader he’d pick NM State Representative Derrick Lente whose district includes many Sandoval County tribal communities. Nathan advises his peers to, “work hard sooner rather than later”. #AISBalum #UNM #GoLobos

Theodor Francke is a first year #Lobo tackling his academics with Blake’s Lota Burger at his side. He’s an academic-driven Diné working towards a Business degree with a focus in Financial Management with hopes of helping businesses flourish! Theo enjoys playing Baseball & is also an avid fan of the Colorado Rockies. This #NewLobo looks to his mother for motivation and is proud to call his father his hero. If you see Theo around campus welcome him to #LoboLand! #AISSLobo #NavajoWays #AISBAlum

Shout-out to #NewLobo Antoinette Moses who’s rocking her first year at #UNM with style & focus! She’s got a lot on her plate this semester: succeeding in her classes, spending quality time with her daughter, and hitting the gym when she gets the chance. Antoinette’s intent on becoming a Dental Hygienist & got an academic jump start as a member of the 2017 American Indian Summer Bridge Program cohort.  Antoinette’s piece of advice is, “Never let anything stop you from achieving what you want.” She’s definitely a go-getter!  Fun Fact about Antoinette: her favorite place to eat is McDonalds. Welcome this #AISBAlum to #LoboLife when you see her on campus! #AISSLobo

We hope you’re gearing up for a fantastic Fall semester just like this week’s #AISSLobo, Liza Flowers, who’s ready to hit the books! This amazing Navajo student is all set to hunker down with her academic tools in hand and a yummy cheesecake or dark chocolate within arms reach. While Liza’s knocking out her Physics degree credit-hours at a steady pace, she also manages to enjoy some of her favorite things like reading Howl’s Moving Castle or watching the Fantastic Mr. Fox. #UNM #AISBAlum

Whether he’s on or off the football field, this #AISSLobo is also excelling in the classroom! Matthew French is working his way to a career as an Orthopedic Surgeon; so when he gets some down time from academics he spends it watching Game of Thrones, jamming out to his fav Hip Hop & rap artists, or going to the beach in his hometown of Crestview, Florida. Matt loves herding sheep with his #Navajo family & says his grandma Bessie makes the best frybread! His words of advice to others: “Don’t quit, Never Give up.” Catch this #AISBAlum on Friday when he takes over @aissunm Snapchat. #NativeAthlete #UNM

If #AISSLobo Mariah Whitehorse could be any Marvel character she’d be Ironman! But for now, she’s an Exercise Science major working toward her goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. This summer has been all about taking chemistry courses so Mariah could stay on top of her academic game. Curious to know who she follows on Insta?....Check out Dogs of Instagram and Corgistagrams to see what makes her smile. Get an insider glimpse into Mariah’s World on Wednesday when she takes over @aissunm on Snapchat. Who knows, she might bust a move for our viewers! #AISBAlum #UNM

#UNMAlum Jessica Benally received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Nutrition in Spring 2017! This #AISSLobo is buffing up her medical school application this summer by attending the #UNM @Office of Diversity’s MCAT+ Program. When Jessica isn’t studying, she devotes all her energy & attention to her daughter, Zoe, who is also her motivation! Her life goal is to become a Cardiologist like her hero Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord (the first Navajo female surgeon!!); and we can’t wait to address Jessica as Dr. Benally! Check out this #AISBAlum when she takes over @aissunm Snapchat on Thursday.

Summer school is in session & that means #AISSLobo is back! Chandler Livingston is majoring in Biology and double minoring in Business Management & Chemistry. Chandler is representing the Dine Nation and is working as an AISS Student Success Leader and taking classes this summer to stay on top of his school game. Chandler enjoys all types of music, but has a bias in favor of Hip Hop/Rap and old school West Coast music. This #AISBAlum says Einstein, Tupac Shakur, Bruce Lee and Friedrich Nietzsche are historical figures who inspire him to live his life to the fullest and to enjoy all that is has to offer. Chandler’s piece of advice to all is, “Push your limits”. #NavajoWays #NativesInMedicine

Paige Augustine is working her way to becoming a successful and influential individual within her community of Torreon, New Mexico. She plans to enter into the Indian Health Services to use her knowledge & skills to help her local clinic and plans to be the resource her community needs. She also plans to establish positive relationships and providing quality care by being a role model with these values. Paige’s family motivates her and she sees her mother as her hero. Learn more about this dynamic #AISSLobo right now @aissunm Snapchat, she's taking over ! #AISBAlum #NativesInHealth

James HorseChief comes to us from Pawhuska, Oklahoma and is representing the Osage, Navajo and Pawnee Nations! A 2nd semester #UNM freshman, James is enjoying his time working toward his Marketing Management degree but can be caught online gaming when his nose is not in the books. He also has the 411 on new sneakers so you can catch him sporting some fresh kicks since he collects ‘em! James aspires to be a Market Manager at a Casino and there’s no stopping him. Want to get more insight on James? Check out @aissunm Snapchat on Friday when he takes over! #Lobos #AISBAlum #NativesBeLike

White Mountain Apache, Aspen Johnson, is working on completing a Biology degree with a minor in Nutrition. This #AISSLobo is an active member of the #UNM Pre-Physical Therapy Society and the America Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)...and she's an @aissunm Student Success Leader. Aspen is a follower of @Official_Sloth_Pagrn @hope_johnson & @MedicalTalks on Instagram and aspires to be a Physical Therapist. As you move forward with your week, think about this gem Aspen would like to share, "Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 6:14 #AISBAlum #NativesBeLike #NativesInHealth

A.D. Jim is reppin’ both Cochiti Pueblo and the Navajo Nation as this week’s #AISSLobo. This #AISBAlum is a Senior working his way toward a Secondary Education degree with a concentration in Mathematics and reaching his professional goal of teaching on his reservation. A.D. is an active #Sidekicks Mentor, a sports enthusiast, and an old soul who likes jamming out to top hits from the 50s & 60s! His father is his hero and the kids in his Sunday school class motivate him each week!! Kudos to A.D. for his commitment to making a difference in the lives of children!! #NativesInEducation #UNM

Dr. Kersti Tyson, Dr. Yoo Kyung Sung and Dr. Montoya are just a few of Cody Jeff’s favorite #UNM Professors. This week’s #AISSLobo is a graduating senior who loves Alternative Rock! Cody will receive his Elementary Education degree in December 2016 and has plans to continue his education to reach his goal of becoming a University Professor, Researcher & Interactive Museum/Informal Learning Institution Director.  #AISBAlum #ImpactingEducation

Freshman Thea Benally is kicking off Fall 2016 as the #AISSLobo of the week! She's laser-focused on a career on Optometry once she completes her Biology degree. Find out how she plans to conquer her first #UNM semester tomorrow @aissunm on Snapchat!! #AISBAlum #NativesInHigherEd

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