And here they are. LCI UA Compfit Football Jerseys. Black is always intimidating.
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I never thought this day would come, but today was the day, but I’ve never been more prepared. Thanks dad for teaching me all the wisdom you know about football and making me into a better man. I’m going to miss waking up every morning and getting our lift in💪🏼. Thank you mom for pretty much doing everything for me since day one I Fr wouldn’t be where I am today without and for being my biggest fan. My brother Trey didn’t make it today, but thanks bro for being my genie pig so I could learn off of you, you made me work hard, hoping I could finally beat you. My beautiful girlfriend Amy, we’ve been together for 8 months now, we have made so many amazing memories and we’ve pretty much haven’t left each other’s side since day one, thank you for supporting me and all you do for me I love you so much! Today was the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had to do, but I’ll see you guys soon. Love y’all❤️ #abfootball #aldersonbroaddus

Nick Pucillo and Jack Dunning working hard this off-season. Our 357 Drill is a great for improving change of direction and cutting.
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‪Throwback to that one time 2 of my roommates @ABFootball missed 2 tackles that led me to getting laid out and breaking my wrist. Kickers get no love #abfootball #forthebrand @PatMcAfeeShow

Congratulations to SR. DL. @girlthtsadrian on committing to @aldersonbroaddus today! #LRD #ABFootball

Put us in Coach! 💙💛🏈#ABFootball #BattleReady

What a great game!! Love these boys. #happythanksgiving #abfootball

"Football Coach Wife" .. It's not an easy job. Your juggling the everyday house duties with their everyday 6am to 10pm schedule. They're spending a night away every other weekend and sometimes you don't see them until you wake up on Sunday morning. Add on the pressures of Game Day, wins/ losses, fans making nice comments, fans making crude comments. I am so grateful to not only work at the same institution as my Coach (so I can see him throughout the day) but I get the share the field with him on Game Day. After Salvatore's 1st win as a Head Coach on Saturday my guy came right over and hugged me hard. It reminded me that we're in this together. The most important role in my "wife duties" is being there for my Coach. Always. Win/ lose. Nice comments, crude comments. I wouldn't have it any other way 😻 #Saltina #ABFootball #CoachWifeLife #CoachesWivesUnite @saldewalt

GAME DAY !!!!!!!!! Fist Game of Senior Season #battlers #abfootball #darkside

@qm_art has outdone himself! 💙💛🏈 @saldewalt #ABFootball #CoachWifeLife #Repost @qm_art
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