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Mosquito season!!! The most effective products were those that contained 15 to 30 percent deet, 20 percent picaridin, or 30 percent OLE by CDC standards. All "safe" in pregnancy and children above 2-3 years, some younger. ⛺️New England Journal of Medicine compared the efficacy of DEET % and found greater than 30% not worth risk. “Slow-release” formulas extend protection time to 8 hours or more. Up to 30% is safe on kids age 2 years if only applied once a day to UNCOVERED skin. 😩but Dissolves sunglasses 😎, 💅🏻 and plastics and feels oily. ⛺️When it comes to picaridin, studies indicated 20 percent SPRAY offers the same protection (four to five hours) as an equivalent DEET , but DEET is more effective in preventing tick bites. Picaridin is better against no see ums and flies.Created by Bayer in 80s, picaridin is a synthetic compound of a natural table pepper 🌶 ! Picaridin has been best selling in Europe since 1998 —but was approved for sale in the United States only in 2005. (Aka KBR 3023, Bayrepel, or icaridin.) As with DEET, the EPA has concluded that the normal use of picaridin is safe on kids BUT down to 2 MONTHS! Look for 20% spray ( lotion is not as effective per studies) DOES NOT DISSOLVE 💅🏻 OR PLASTIC 😎. Does not stain clothes . No gross smell... my personal fav👍🏻😍 ⛺️30% oil of lemon 🍋 eucalyptus is another very promising natural alternative. The synthetic version works as well as DEET and lasts up to 7-8 hours! It DOESN'T dissolve 💅🏻, and American Academy of Peds says it can be used down to age 3. BUT 😩It has a very strong smell that I personally dislike that gets on EVERYTHING 😐. ⛺️Permethrin is a synthetic version of the chrysanthemum flower. It works like an insecticide, killing insects after they land and—hopefully—before they bite. ONLY APPLY TO CLOTHING or gear, NEVER SKIN !! ❤️to pretreat clothes!! 👍🏻Lasts several washes😊. * Apply permethrin to clothing * When applying to your face, spray first on your hands, then rub in, avoiding your eyes and mouth, and using sparingly around ears.
* Don’t let young children apply. Instead, put it on your own hands, then rub it on. Limit use on children’s hands, bc hands in mouth.#aad18

The WDS Summer Networking Reception is less than a month away! Join us at Cite Chicago for a night of networking with WDS Members & @AADMember Attendees on Thursday, July 26, 2018 from 7:30pm-9:00pm! This event is complimentary for all WDS members, and only $25 for non-members. Visit the upcoming events page at http://www.womensderm.org for more information and to register today!
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June 13 is International Albinism Awareness Day. It is a UN effort to stop the brutalities against people with albinism #AAD18 #Albinism

‪Throwback Thursday! The ISD mentorship Committee at #aad18 . Visit our website www.intsocderm.org to apply for an opportunity to learn from our amazing mentors #learning #Leadership #mentor

Intervento conclusivo per la presentazione del Service Day 2018 affidato a Luca Montagner, Senior Advisor di Quintegia, che ci mostra in anteprima alcuni contenuti! #AAD18

Fabrizio Guidi, Presidente di AsConAuto, ci presenta il nuovo evento di Quintegia in collaborazione con AsConAuto: il Service Day 2018! #AAD18

Tra il silenzio e la comprensione, c’è una cedrata
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#HappyBelatedInternationalDanceDay lol , I know I’m late but I’m really reminiscing on #AAD18 #ArtAfterDark ❤️👏🏽 like it was THE best performance and dance experience I’ve had thus far ❗️I really wish we could make it a nationwide tour but 🤷🏽‍♀️ ... I know I’m late but I really want to thank @malikcobain & @_kibribri ! I really want to thank you two for getting me outside of me comfort zone and taking your time to teach me the technique I definitely didn’t know lol 💀 ! I wouldn’t have ask for any other directors to have than you two ❤️ ! @_th.omas , @sensualsunchild , @leke_0 , @_elledeesea , @charliewbee_ , @ac_toofamous , @e.stokes , @misha.ciara , tag Amber & Tre , I miss y’all soooooooo muchhhhh like y’all really don’t understand ❤️ , I’ve learned so much from all of you with a lot of the time we shared 💯 , you all are truly great at what you do and I charge you to just continue to do the same ❤️ , I wish we could still link but it’s Finals week sooo 🤷🏽‍♀️ ! But again , thank you all and continue to just DANCE 💃🏾! #SpotMeWithTheCurlyHair #BlueSkirt #RedCardigan #InTheFrontToTheLeftAtBeginning #BodysuitLingerie #AUCUnity

Registration for the 2018 AAD Annual Meeting in Chicago (July 26-29) is now open for physician, life, and honorary members! All other categories may start registering next Wednesday, May 9. Visit the link in our bio for more information about the meeting and to register before discounted rates increase.

Workshop con i bambini all’@adventureawardsdays ad Arco

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Alot of ppl been telling me to drop but I told everybody the same thing “Its Not The Right Time” & Ain’t Gone Lie I Was Slacking For A Min I Know But....As Of Right Now This My Main Focus My Official Release Date Is 8|16 #AmorAlDinero18 #AAD18 #streetwear #sneakpeak

Reuse is our freedom.
Combatti anche tu per preservare il pianeta!

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Secondo giorno, quinta (Stivens) e sesta (@giustacchinibruno) faccia che, dopo un'estenuante biciclettata, sfoggiano le loro espressioni più audaci davanti ad una fresca birra. @adventureawardsdays #aad2018 #aad18 #aad

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