This photo shows the last remaining original A7V tank, named "Mephisto" on display at the Australian War Memorial. The A7V was the first German made heavy tank put into service in 1918.

This tank, numbered 506 and named "Mephisto" was part of the first German army tank detachment, seeing combat at St. Quentin with its first battle on 21st of March 1918 and fought through to Villers-Bretonneux.

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The German A7V tank ‘Mephisto’ captured by the Australians on the 24th April 1918 near Villers Bretonneux. The tank had become bogged down and the crew forced to surrender.

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German stürmpanzerwagen A7V tank moving into cover having been spotted by an aerial reconnaissance plane, date and location unknown.

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German soldiers on a Sturmpanzerwagen A7V tank at Roye, France, 21 March 1918.
Which tank would you choose, the German A7V or the British Mark IV?

Old versus the new.
The A7V Sturmpanzer replica besides the modern Leopard 2a4.
The A7V was a German last effort vehicle during world war 1 for Germany to have a competitive tank versus the British Mark V and French Renault FT. Only 20 or so was produced.
Leopard 2 was created in the late 70's in order to modernize the German armor against the potential Soviet threat such as the T-80s and the T-72s. It was equipped with one of the most powerful tank cannons in the world in the form of the Rheinmetall L/44 120mm cannon. In addition it had a very powerful engine outputting 1500hp.
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Western Front, German A7V tanks drive through a village near Rheims in 1918. 
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🇫🇷 This is the french light tank Renault-Ft. It was designed in the first world war and many nations used this tank. It was compared to the Mark I or the A7V very small. It was only 5m long, 1.74m wide and 1.21 high and so it had a weight of only 6.5 t and a crew of two (commander, driver). It had a main armament of one 37mm gun or 8mm machinegun. It fought not only in WWI, but in the Russian, Chinese and Spanish Civil War, in the Winter War and in WWII too. There were several versions of the Renault Ft, which were used till 1949. It was the first tank with a turret, so it had a great influence to later tank designs. ----------------------
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First picture: Renault Ft layout
Second picture: captured Ft's used by germany
Third picture: Renault Ft

🇩🇪 Today, i'm introducing the german A7V (Allgemeines Kriegsdepartment, Abteilung 7, Verkehrswesen) tank. It was in service during march 1918 to October 1918. It had a weight of 33t and a top speed of 15 km/h. It was 7.34m long, 3.1m wide and 3.3m high. It had a main armament of one 57mm gun, an a secondary of 6 machineguns. It was the first german tank, but only 20 were build. And it had a crew of incredible 18 soldiers. -----------------------
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The first tank battle in history at Villers-Bretonneux
Shown above is the memorial commemorating the first ever Tank on Tank battle in history that took place near this spot on the 24th of April 1918 during the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. After the Germans captured the village of Villers-Bretonneux, three British Mark IV tanks were dispatched from No.1 Section, A Company, 1st Battalion, Tank Corps to the Cachy Switch Line to hold it against the Germans. One was a Male, armed with two 6pdr guns. Normally with a crew of eight, it only had four as the remainder had been incapacitated by gas. The other two were female tanks, only armed with Lewis guns. As they advanced, they encountered the A7V tank ‘Nixe’ commanded by 2/Lt Wilhelm Blitz. The A7V fired on the females, leaving holes in their armour, with the females unable to retaliate effectively with their machine guns that couldn’t penetrate the A7V’s armour. The Male tank kept firing on the move, but was unable to score a hit until it halted; scoring three hits. At this movement the A7V heeled over after crossing an incline at the wrong angle, with the crew bailing out and nine of them being killed by the British tanks. Shortly after, two more A7Vs arrived accompanied by infantry. The Male tank fired several shots, driving off the tanks, and kept up firing case shot at the German infantry. Seven British Whippet tanks arrived and mowed down the infantry before leaving, although only four survived German artillery. Being the last tank on the field, the Mark IV Male became the target for German artillery, and weaved back and forth to avoid the shells until its track was disabled by a mortar shell, forcing the crew to bail out. Meanwhile, the crew of A7V Nixe re-boarded their tank to try and get it moving. Failing in this, it was blown up by a demolition crew on the night of the 23rd/24th. (Taken May 2018)

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This picture is a diagram of the inside of an A7V Heavy German tank from the First World War.
Only a limited number of A7Vs were produced during this initial conflict, and although very fierce on paper, they lacked the mobility and reliability of a good tank.
Because they were so slow, it was relatively easy to target them and subsequently pound these armored behemoths with artillery, anti-tank weaponry, of aerial attacks.
British tanks of the time, such as the Mark IV, were also slow in movement and suffered from mechanical issues. They often broke down and needed repairs during battle, but because the British produced so many of them by the wars end, the mechanical issues of some of the tanks didn’t matter as much, whereas the very limited number of A7Vs meant that breakdowns or other problems were much more severe.
The British and German armies used their tanks as infantry support vehicles. They were spread out throughout an advance and provided fire support and cover for troops moving up.
After their defeat, Germany looked to the reasons as to why they failed to secure victory whereas the allies did not change much because they had been victorious. Germany knew that they could never fight on two fronts again as it strained their military too much. They also knew that they had to gain quick victories if they were to win a European conflict. Drawn out campaigns and fronts drained the German ability to fight effectively and thus wars needed to be short.
Blitzkrieg was created to create these quick, lightening-like victories that we saw in Poland, the Low Countries, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and much of the USSR in 1941-1942.
Germany prized their tanks and Air Force as they would make such battle prowess possible, and with well-trained infantry behind them, the Panzer divisions saw immense success against a largely unprepared, outdated, or weak enemy.
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the German Kampfwagen Erinnerungsorden was founded in June 1923 by Otto Gessler. It shows a German A7V Kampfwagen in action. A total of 99 pieces were awarded. It was awarded to the crews of the A7V Kampwagen and to the crews of captured tanks. ❗️This is a replica❗️

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