Clinic day...
After a crappy start to the day with high levels I was thrilled in clinic earlier. Hba1c was 36mmol (5.4%)!🤗 Really happy! Gone up slightly (from 5.3%) but with starting school full time and eating like a horse i was so pleased! We’ve changed teatime ratio as Ela seems to go low around bedtime, and were gonna try 50%+ temp basal on pod nights to see if that will help with the absorption problem too. But apart from that things are ticking by nicely... 😊 i was keen to see how accurate the clarity app was going to be too as it estimated 5.6% so I was surprised it was even better. Go Ela 💪💙🙌
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Love Erin’s story about her journey with Type 1 and how she chose to live a different way! 😊❤️ I have a couple friends who are living with this type diabetes and I wish I could help them more than just supplements but my supplements actually help them 🤗🙌🏻 Such a blessing 🥰

Erin shares: “I’ve lived with #T1D for close to 23 years now. That’s 23 years of consciously making choices that will directly affect the quality of my life 5, 10, 15 years from now. What I do today determines whether I have complications later in life from my disease.

When you live with a disease like this, it can be frustrating. It can be scary. It can be overwhelming. But the beautiful thing about T1D is that it is manageable. You have to make the right food choices. You have to exercise. And you have to supplement your body. It’s a multifaceted approach but you must do all of them in order to achieve some sort of balance.

A year and a half ago, I made the best decision when it came to my health. I began to supplement my body with clean, plant-based vitamins and minerals and my entire health turned around.

I was:
-Sleeping better
-Taking less insulin for blood glucose regulation -Full of natural energy
-Had blood readings as close to someone that’s a non-Diabetic
-No longer craving sugar or carb rich foods/snacks
-Losing systemic inflammation in the form excess weight
-Happier and less stressed
-Obtained my lowest #A1C to date

Diabetes doesn’t care how clean you eat. It doesn’t care how often or long you workout. It doesn’t care how young or old you are. It always has to be managed. Always. And even when all of these aspects fall into place, you still can still come up short.

If you have an #autoimmunedisease, you need to incorporate vitamins into your daily routine. You are already missing vital nutrients from the food we eat, but you, my friend, also lack the absorption within your body because of your disease.

Learn from my mistakes and get ahead through my research. Proper supplementation is the way to achieve balance and better health. And the best part? We know it all starts in the gut.” .
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@madmae7 knows the right way to carry around all of her diabetes crap. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I cannot be the only one committed to keeping the lines of communication open!

The lack of communication is still communication and whenever detected, I view it as a new season or lifestyle to go deep within the fortress of solitude and invest within myself what I previously invested within others.

Either way, I am open and receptive to learning more and winning!

My years raised as an only child taught me to never fear being alone or isolated lol 😂
What can one teach me by not communicating with me? I might learn that I am better off without them and not go back lol 😂😂😂😂 #onlychild

Julia Borzucka, recrea mundos imaginarios utilizando icónicas fotografías sacadas de Internet a las que inserta dibujos e ilustraciones, muchas de las veces de tamaños desproporcionados y que dan lugar a inusuales imágenes que despiertan nuestra atención.⠀

Tenéis que echarle un ojo a su obra y contadnos qué os parece!😏👌⠀

Visítanos 👉link en bio👈 ⠀

©️ Julia Borzucka⠀

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Your #blessing is that you have choices. Now make your food choices like your life depends on it, because it does. #nutrition #healthpromotion #diseaseprevention #babyboomers #weightloss #leanexpertsecrets #heart #diabetesawareness #A1C http://foxylean.simplybook.me/v2/

Day 20
Where Are You From?

Raised in Massachusetts ⚾️ ❤️
Lived in Tampa 🏝
Currently live in San Antonio, Texas. This pic was shot 2 months after I moved there 🌮🤠 #sanantonio

I took this picture 2 days ago and was debating wether i should post it or not. When I was a teenager I suffered from diabulemia. I was your normal teen who was concerned about what others thought and worried about self image. Growing up, being thin/skinny was not a choice, yet an obligation. Many parents unconsciously put this pressure on their children and may not realize how much it can effect them in such a negative way. As I learned a silly trick with my diabetes and how to lose body weight by not taking good cate of my disease, I also learned that I was doing a lot of damage to my precious organs.
Diabulemia is a serious issue women, men, teens both girls and boys go through and they don’t realize the damage they are doing to them selves in the long run. Since they won’t see the complications today, most thing they are unbeatable.
My purpose is to bring awareness of how important it is to take full control of your t1d. I have leaned to accept who I am and my accept my body shape. I am a healthy individual with curves and am not influenced by media or anyone who tells me I need to lose weight. I want to be healthy, exercise to live a long life. Being happy with my body has opened doors to a whole new me. And that’s who I always want to be. Simply myself. •

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Meet Dallin! He has been living with T1D for 9 years 💉 Dallin is studying microbiology & is currently applying to PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences!
He shares: “People think I can’t eat any sugar at all. I’m like, sometimes I NEED sugar more than you ever will! People with T1D are perfectly capable of living a full life, we can still do whatever we want!” #byudiabetesclub #t1dlookslikeme

Day 19: Diabetes Essentials
this is my diabetes essentials collection, everything i either wear or carry on me every single day no matter what. including my apple watch, for my dexcom alerts, and medical ID bracelet. skittles incase i go low, a bag filled with needles and lancets incase my dexcom stops working or my pump fails and i need to inject with my pen. i also carry my finger pricker, test strips, my omnipod, so i can deliver my insulin, and my glucagon. in emergency low cases. also i have a myabetic disposable bag that i can put tests strips and needles in until i get home to handle them safely! #happydiabeticchallenge

Decided to extend this water-fast (again). But this will DEFINITELY be the last week. Can't believe I've gone over TWO WEEKS without food!!! I was only trying to see if #fasting could help lower my blood pressure (it has). I think when I change my diet my blood pressure will come down more. I also got the added benefits of a ridiculously low blood sugar and I've lost over 20 pounds so far. CRAZY #journey.
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Day 19
Diabetes Essentials

This glucose meter is by far the best one I’ve ever owned and most accurate when comparing numbers with Dexcom. Subscription based, unlimited test strips and no prescription needed. This little guy is SO small and lightweight, try it, you’ll love it #onedroptoday 🔴

saw my endocrinologist today. it didn’t go very well. this is my third interaction with her and each time i’ve left feeling unheard and frustrated. so.... if you have an awesome endocrinologist within a couple of hours of lansing, michigan, I AM WILLING TO TRAVEL. loop-friendly is a plus because i am trying to move in that direction! my a1c was 7.2, but i don’t think that is at all an accurate picture. my time in range is something like 35% and i’ve had nearly daily forays into the 300s. despite that, this endocrinologist didn’t suggest a single change for my management. it was a useless SIX MINUTES with a physician. any APRNs out there prescribe their own damn insulin? (i know, ethical issues there, but damn... totally wish i could when i graduate from grad school.) #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #endocrinology #diabetes #loop #michigan #lansing #a1c #diabetesawareness #insulin #vegandiabetic #fiasp #dexcom #tresiba #help #aprn

There are people that have no family history of Type 1 Diabetes, just like DiaBeast. It can be diagnosed at any age and life long insulin treatment is necessary to keep you alive. DiaBeast’s a1c was 16% at diagnosis luckily no DKA have no clue how, should I mention out of country...
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New record! I attribute this to eating #keto about 95% of the time over the past few months (major exceptions this past weekend, lol) 😋👍🙂 Also, good news - my endo is taking my concerns over my thyroid more seriously than an previous endo and ordering an ultrasound since my bloodwork is always ok but I do have a goiter/enlargement on the left side #diabetes #endocrinology #thyroid #a1c #t1d

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