Too cold and rainy to golf today so gym it was :) 4 days this week!

Awesome workout today....no red!
#9roundstrong #9roundmeadowood

Feels soooooo good to be back! No more excuses!I'm back!!!! #sweatymess#9round#9roundfitness#9roundmeadowood#fitnessjourney#myweightlossjourney#noexcuses

Doing my chores at #9roundmeadowood! Not only do I get my butt kicked, I get to clean up the puddle of sweat I’ve left behind. Something very satisfying about it! 😁 #sunsoutgunsout

📣Our very own Coach B has completed the Ironman Race in Whistler placing 4th 🏅in her age group 👏🏽 how amazing is that??

What an incredible accomplishment! Members and trainers alike here at #9roundmeadowood have been rooting for you sitting on the edge of our seats as we followed the race. We are all proud of you. You have been much inspiration to us all. Proving that nothing is impossible!! Training day in and day out! Even amidst some set backs seeing you in the gym doing what you can. As you say "you can do something even if you have to modify you can still do something" Congrats B! We cannot wait to have you back in house 🥊💪🏽

Be sure to give her high fives when you see her back in the gym. She’s in Winnipeg in August!!

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Silke Blaine is part of our 9Round Meadowood family. Kind, warm hearted with a contagious laugh

In support of Silke, her family and all those affected by not only brain cancer but cancer in all forms, we are fundraising and participating in the walk for Brain Tumours (June 23). There is still time to register to participate to walk with us as well as donate. We will be matching donations up to $500.00. If you wish to participate or donate, pledge form and information is available at the club. Silkes story below ⬇️

Silke was an active member until her life was unexpectedly turned upside down.
In 2017 Silkes husband was diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer). In early January 2018, Silke suffered an unexpected seizure which led to Silke’s rapid diagnosis of grade IV Glioblastoma.  Brain cancer - the most aggressive form of brain cancer

Silke is fighting for her life. Making every effort possible to try every treatment available as fast as possible to try and save her life

Many thanks to all of our #9roundmeadowood family for your support

Is that a banana in my gym bag, or am I just really excited to workout?
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A special brick signing with the entire family today 🥊❤️ finishing off with celebratory burpees with the kids 💪🏽

A shining star over at #9roundmeadowood this beauty is never short of kind words, she celebrates everyone’s victories as though they were her own, she lends encouragement to all those near. She’s filled with compassion, empathy and embodys the strength of a woman. Balancing a full time job, 2 busy kids, taking on the role of loving and supportive wife. The captain of the ship! All of the above and saving room for self care. How does she do it? With determination, grace, faith, courage and with a solid team right behind her

The countdown to 250 the race to the 10 bricks. You did it! We are so proud of you! A busy mom and wife. Proving you can do it! An achievement to be proud of one to cause a smile from ear to ear and a few happy tears 😉

Your family - the support from your No. 1 the belief and faith from the kids is truly amazing! They are so lucky to have you to look up to. You model healthy living and balance like a boss! Many thanks to them for supporting you on your journey to a healthier, stronger, fitter and happier you! For B to come in and workout side by side with you and to beam with pride and eyes filled with awe at how you are able to do it. For the kids to sit patiently before or after heading to after school activities watching and learning by your example. For the entire family showing you as well as us their love and support is nothing short of incredible. Today is a special day to celebrate you and to celebrate your family. A fit family leading by example supporting one another and celebrating a milestone. Congrats livi and congrats to your family. We are so proud of you!! It’s in these moments we are reminded of why we are here and would not change it for anything. Thank you for inspiring us. Cheers to 250! Golden gloves here she comes!


This Friday May 4th!! Don't forget to dress up for as your favorite character when you come to workout at @9round_meadowood ~ 3 awesome prizes up for grabs!! Hey Jill: will some of the exercises include light sabers?! Hmm I sense some creative transitions coming up .... 😂🤸🏻‍♀️
• • •
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🚨Contest Alert🚨Details below:

➡️ May the 4th come dressed as your favourite Star Wars character
➡️ Complete your #9Round workout dressed in costume
➡️ Snap a 📸
➡️Tag 9RoundMeadowood

Top 3 costumes will be entered in for a prize and showcased on our social media. Winner will be revealed on May 7

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Since joining @9round_meadowood, whenever I'm out running, I get this irrepressible urge to shadow box at every red light! 😂 True story. Can't stop these good vibes! At the end of the day, you've just gotta do YOU and keep working towards becoming your most awesome self (even if others think you're a little bit strange 😜)! Stoked to be a part of the 9Round family and looking forward to another solid Monday workout 🥊🙌🏻🏃🏽‍♀️ • •
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The adventure begins! Stoke level on max to be joining the @9round_meadowood family! Such a great workout, #GoodVibesOnly and a fun community getting fit together. Can't wait to grow with this crew!
* • *
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Kung Fu Brothers at the Mall Chatting healing and buttkickery, Kickboxing, Dance, Qi Gong, Healing, Addictions, Health and Wellness and so much more... Helping others, always. <3

Check out 9Round Kickboxing opening in Downtown Winnipeg!! #kungfu #asian #9roundwinnipeg #9roundmeadowood #arnis #sikaran #liondance #mokshawinnipeg #winnipeg #manitobafitness #manitoba #addictionsrecovery

Kung Fu Brothers at the Mall Chatting about healing work and asskickery. Yoga, Kickboxing, Dance, Relationships, Qi Gong, Addictions, Health and Wellness and so much more... Helping others, always. <3

Check out 9Round Kickboxing opening in Downtown Winnipeg!! #kungfu #asian #9roundwinnipeg #9roundmeadowood #arnis #sikaran #liondance #mokshawinnipeg #winnipeg #manitobafitness #manitoba #addictionsrecovery

My heart rate during my first one hour workout versus my heart rate during today's one hour workout.
I realized tomorrow I will have been doing this for two weeks and out of the 14 days I have done 6 workouts. I'm already seeing and feeling a difference. #9roundmeadowood #winnipegfitness #fitnessjourney

Our screens were bright yellow as you all worked hard to get your points. There were planks from the roof of cars to boardrooms to Tim Horton Cups. We watched in admiration as you pushed through every workout. We laughed at the friendly 😏 competition as you challenged each other. This challenge ended with not only inches and pounds lost. It was a month that you all showed up and challenged YOURSELVES to bring out the best version of you. Whatever the goal, you all walked away winners. Thank you to all of you for making this the BEST challenge yet!

That’s a wrap for our Summer Bodies are made in the Winter challenge!! Congrats to all of you! Our close off party was filled with the strength and support of community, an abundance of laughter and fun games

3rd place winner @meljanevincent 2nd place @mamie1468 (JP) and 1st place @plallen23 congratulations!!! Congrats to all of our door prize and game prize winners

Keep up the hard work 9rounders 🥊💪🏽 Whose ready for the next challenge??!

#challenge #plank #9roundmeadowood

Planking with my booble. 💪 “Okay, so Callie, you’re gonna climb on auntie’s back and dangle this beer in front of her”. “Okay!” What a great sport.
#PlankChallenge #9Rmeadowood #9roundmeadowood

Last day of the challenge means 3 rounds for these 2 ladies! Thanks Soph for pushing me!

🥊 Round 8 Total Straight Punches 🥊 Our Chow Champ this week has the precision and patience of a doctor but of course she does 😉

Medical Students have a ton on their plate and we are so pleased to see this bright future Doctor, squeeze in a full body workout in 30min be it in between, before or after running off to hit the books 📚👩🏻‍⚕️ We are so proud of the hard work you put in at the gym and outside of the gym. You have a heart of gold. We are so happy to have you as part of our family

Every week we announce a new CHOW Winner. Every week challenge yourselves to see how far you can go. Whose up next #9roundmeadowood 💪🏽

#fitness #weeklychallenge

What an incredible community we have at #9roundmeadowood 🥊

This week we have “Coach Paul” proving that he can do better than keep up while in the gym with one of the kids he coached back when this linebacker was 6 years old. We have Jodi planking in the boardroom 😂 earning herself a bonus entry for the “summer Bodies are made in the winter” challenge, Lee-Ann and Helen both earned their 100 milestone workout shirts 💪🏽 and a list of members who made it to the 100 Round Kick Club!!

What does strength look like to you? Over here we know that it looks different to every member. Regardless of what your goals may be, we believe that the choice is yours to lean in and challenge yourself round by round to come out knowing that it is you against you...your goals, your journey, your best. Nice job #fitfam #100roundkickclub

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