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#9ers #faithful fuck the lambs

Thanks to @troublman for lending me his vintage #9ers tee so I could stand in solidarity with my sisters on #adaywithoutwomen.

I want to speak on the debate about women's choice to go to work or not today and the conservative media's attempt at trying to divide us once again along racial and class lines.
Not every movement is perfect, and yes white women including myself- have a long way to go in understanding and truly empathizing with the struggle women of color face everyday. But that shouldn't stop us from trying, because if we don't male white supremacy wins and remains the framework in which we live.
I am privileged, I have a deadline but if I didn't show up to work today I would not get fired, and it would not keep me from getting other work. That is not the case for many, if not most women in America today, which is why our protest allows for other ways to support #adaywithoutwomen. I decided to come to work but to wear red-along with my partner and son- in solidarity with my sisters and to support only small, woman and minority owned business.

As I got on the elevator for work an older man noticed my red and said "Oh you decided to show up today". I looked at him and nodded and without waiting for a response he continues "I mean people are telling women not to come to work, what is that? We're all working, we have a job to do", as if to scold me in my clear support.
This is why we have to do the work, make the sacrifice and not criticize but uplift even those women who chose not to protest in any form today. Together we conquer, divided we fall, let us not be our own worst enemies tearing each-other down- there are already a lot of people at work doing that.
I celebrate the beautiful, colorful, brash, brazen, sensitive, dedicated, hard-working, mothers, sisters, daughters fighting for our freedom and equality. As the great #queenlatifah said U-N-I-T-Y #unity #nationalwomensday #adaywithoutwomen


Oldie but goodie. #throwback #9ers #cousins

Diamond Nation was the best couldn't ask for a better weekend or team👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥 #9ers

Shit don't stop bag chasing everyday 💸💸💸#bagland #9ers

Football Season yet ?
#2timer #9ers #saints

Yup... Football season is here! 49er fan came in earlier and got this Neucase custom 6plus in red with gold accents 👌🏼 thanks for always supporting @e30____nick
We will be open from 10-6pm tomorrow! Contact us at 6264308436 or DM for pricing!

Good night and see you guys tomorrow✌🏻️ #latepost #customiphone #9ers #49ers #SF

#9ers with the W on Christmas Eve! 🎄❤️💛🏈 #SFvsLA #LatePost


In honor of one of the new members of the niners here's @pierregarcon calling JJ Watt a fuckboy 😂

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Football Season yet ?
#2timer #9ers #saints

It's nice to be nice! #fathersday #teambch #9ers

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