❌SOLD❌ Stunning 2nd Series Canadian EngelHard Kilo. This example features a fantastic pour and great pebbling on the back.

✅Going up for auction✅ One of the holy grails of vintage silver collecting. 1st series “00-leading” 4oz EngelHard. This example features excellent detail. TheMineralExchange.com (LINK IN BIO)

5.14 OZs San Francisco Mint assay bar found its way here this evening. This beauty will be on the auction block soon. I recommend subscribing to our email list on the website, just scroll to the bottom of the homepage (link in the bio)

❌SOLD❌ Diamond Mine 4.37oz doré bar from Nevada. Often holding trace amounts of gold, these old ingots are oozing character. Interestingly this vintage Diamond Mines bar shares the same hallmark as an old “Ingot Mines” EngelHard. Special thanks to @oldpouralchemy and @collectbulliondotcom for their expertise to help identify this ingot! Was happy to acquire this one, thanks for watching!

❌LOT SOLD❌There are those who want serious collector pieces and those who want to get “closer to spot” on vintage. Luckily at The Mineral Exchange, we offer both.

EngelHard 1/2 Kilo Y-Series London.

❌SOLD❌ Johnson Matthey & Pauwels Reverse-Stamp Brussel Bar. Verified as a unique variety; at first I was attracted to how clear and defined the stamp was on this ingot. Also the “1002.” weight is very unique as most of these are weighed 998, 999, 1000. I had not seen an overweight kilo until this one. Then once the bar was in hand, I realized this is a reverse stamp JMP Kilo. The pour dimple is always on the obverse, but with this Kilo that is not the case. Personally, I don’t know if there is another like it. Truly a gem of a bar. (Direct message serious inquiries)

This 1. - Leading (SN 1. 232285) Canadian 10oz Bull-Bar is flawless! Very rare and unique example!

Always a fun time hanging at The #MineralExchange office. Excited to show you what we have in store. -Rob #LetsStackTogether

✅Up For Auction✅ (link in bio) 8th Series EngelHard 5oz. This stunning example sports a low serial and an interesting 867 stamp on the back. Auction closes this Sunday! TheMineralExchange.com

❌SOLD❌ Large "T OZ" EngelHard 50oz. (direct message business inquiries)

I have been investing in real money that gold looks so perfect. #realmoney #silver #gold #stacking #investing #protectyourwealth #999pure

I have a few animal pipes available, send me a FB message to GERG LOCSO, you should see them on my page too. They're going to a store tomorrow! #loscoglass #pipes #animals #sculpting #frog #squid #octopus #salamander #lizard #amphibian #hypnotoad #silver #fume #prodo #smokeshop #headshop #forsale #honeycomb #999pure #GERG

Thinking about wrapping this 1/2 Troy Oz of silver. Has a spooky feel to it with the Skulls & Crossbones perfect for the Halloween season #999pure #silver #Think#Genesisintentio

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