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Al aire por Fiesta Mexicana #nochesdefiesta #923fm www.fiestamexicanafm.com

El desmorning al aire! Razaaaaaaa prendanle al #923fm porq ya están estos chemos al aire 😆 @hectorfloresoficial y @_reneoficial

Cuando te acuerdes de mí , échale un suspiro al viento!!
Y mándame un sentimiento que me hable un poco de ti !! Las exclusivas del regional mexicano y algo Más a través de fiesta mexicana de lunes a viernes .
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It's show time💃🏼
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How the F is there traffic? #chicago #100millionisthegoal @dmanescobar @futuremusicmix #923fm jamming

Un #tbt de hace 3 años, en Radio Perola 92.3 FM "La Radio Comunitaria de Caricuao" dando mis primeros pasos en la radiodifusión. Con muchas ganas de volver a hacer radio #caricuao #caricuaocity #caracas #radio #radiocomunitaria #923fm #radioperola #iloveradio #pequeñoscambios #deporte #pasion #sueños

Al aire 📻 #923fm #fiestamexicana


SO THIS IS HAPPENING DURING THE SOUND CHECK❗️❗️❗️❗️#reddressrun #reddressrun2017 #neworleans #rdr2017 #redressrunnola #923fm

It's show time💃🏼
#thebandremedy #reddressrun #reddressrunnola #nola #923fm

We are so jealous of Tirana right now - 38 degrees and shining like a 💎.

Why don't you guys tune in tonight at 6pm on 92.3 FM and listen in on all things #kuqezi 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

So Al Pazar (@alpazarvizionplus) and it's star creator Agron Llakaj were in Melbourne for a series of sold out shows.

And they were laugh out loud hysterical.

Agron also popped into the studio to chat all things Al Pazar with the crew at the Albanian Language Program.

Thank you Agron - you were on fire, #zjarr! Because Albanian life is an Albanian Pazar 🤣

We are on air at 6pm guys! 92.3 FM. Tune in.

Back by popular demand WHITE LABEL RADIO is back on 92.3FM KDAY for a special tribute to the late great rap legend PRODIGY of MOBB DEEP. Catch the homie MELLOE WON live on air playing all the classics from PRODIGY right now!. Tune in on 92.3fm or Kday.com to listen.
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Mesoni Shqip, just like these gorgeous kids from the Albanian Language School in Dandenong!

Yes, they are learning their mother tongue and reading their Abetares, (which were personally delivered to them by the Ambassador of Kosova to Australia, Dr Sabri Kicmari).

So, if you would like your child to learn Albanian there are four schools, yes four, that are open with lessons running from Prep to Year 10, every Saturday from 9 am to 12:20 pm including:
1️⃣ Altona North
2️⃣ Caroline Springs
3️⃣ Dandenong; and
4️⃣ Shepparton.

To register your child go to www.vsl.vic.edu.au or contact us for more.

Come on guys, if your kids don't know how to speak Albanian then how are you going to keep your traditions alive????!!!!

The Albanian language is one of the OLDEST languages documented in the world (it's super unique and one of the most beautiful too).

It's up to YOU all as individuals to get on board, and #FolShqipSeJeShqiptar


This #Zotërote has some serious Albanian #isopolyphonic pipes on him, and a great message too.

Go to following link - bit.ly/2qRBaZB - to learn more (remember that we posted on the movie Polyphonia – Albania’s Forgotten Voices on 15 May).

But getting back to this post ... What is this #Kanun that he sings about?!

Simply put the Kanun is a set of early Albanian laws, which were traditionally oral and only in the 20th century published.

There are many variations of the Kanun, and you may have heard of the Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit, Kanuni i Skenderbeut, and so many more versions of the Kanun.

The Kanun of Skanderbeg is the closest in similarity with the Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini, and the latter is usually the most known and is also regarded as a synonym of the word kanun.

The Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini was developed by Lekë Dukagjini, who codified the existing customary laws. It has been used mostly in northern and central Albania and surrounding areas of greater Albania, including Mali Zi, Kosova, dhe Maqedonia.

The Kanun is divided into 12 sections, and covers articles which regulate all aspects of life: economic organisation of the household, hospitality, brotherhood, clan, boundaries, work, marriage, land, and so on.

The besa (personal honours) and nderi (family honour) are of prime importance throughout the code as the cornerstone of personal and social conduct.

The Kanun applies to both Christian and Muslim Albanians.

Hope you learned something new – have a great day, and we shall be with you at 4pm for the Albanian Language Program.

Joe DioGuardi - të lumtë goja!

Ever since this amazing #Arbëreshë American visited us in Melbourne in the 1980s, we have had THE most love and respect for his commitment to the Albanian cause.

On last week's program we played the powerful nine-minute testimony Mr DioGuardi delivered at a US Congressional Hearing on the continuing quest for peace and stability in Southeast Europe, and the immediate political crisis in Macedonia.

The ex-Congressman painted a very real picture of the gross brutality inflicted upon @ziadinsela at the hands of "Slav thugs". "He was left for dead ... and they were there to kill him" - Mr DioGuardi said.

Copy this link - bit.ly/2qOK2uP - to listen to his moving testimony.

Once you have, you'll understand FULLY why we are #MeSelen - #NoViolence, just #HumanRights, #EqualRights and #EconomicRights for Albanians in Macedonia. #StayAlbanianStrong 🇦🇱🙌

Another week, another Melbourne-town capture.

Scattered showers and 16 degrees for your Monday followers.

Hustle hard, happy Monday (and we'll be with you tomorrow at 4pm tomorrow).

Until then, happy days.

Arti Popullor Ne Shqiperi is a book for the ages.

Better than a Tom Ford coffee table book, for sure!

If the fashion bloggers knew how good this was, they'd feature this beauty by Rrok Zojzi.

We've marvelled at this book since the 1970s in our home.

Back then, it was the only connection we had to Albania (especially during communist times and ... pre web and wifi).

Look it up, and purchase it for your coffee tables.

AND remember to tune in tonight at 6pm via 92.3 FM.

Alright guys, timely post considering this is the month of Ramazan.

If you have not seen this movie Besa: The Promise. You must!

Besa is all about that code of honour we Albanians have, our word, which is all-binding.

Throughout the ages Albanians have not required contracts to help people, they simply gave them their word, and it was done.

So when it came to Albanian Muslims helping Jews throughout the Holocaust, of course they did, because they gave them their besë.

Just like Ali Sheqer Pashkaj, pictured, did by placing his hand on his heart and giving his word!

Albanians, irrespective of religion, have provided safe-haven to those in need ALWAYS, and this emotive film documents this meticulously.

The movie and accompanying photographic exhibition was shown at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick, Melbourne, with support from the @aaisociety.

And we wanted to share so that you could look it up yourself, watch it, and remember your tolerant roots.

(Pics from administrator).

How are you breaking your fast? With lakror?

Hope that you are enjoying iftar with your family, friends and loved ones.

Wishing you agjerim te lehte (edhe ju befte mire)!

(📷 of lakror me qep courtesy of my sis).

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