Me: Was 9/11 an inside job and if so, who were the groups or individuals responsible for it. And what was their ultimate goal?

Pleiadians: The ultimate goal was for the Bush Nazi faction to take control over key locations in the middle east. For Afghanistan it was to stop a pipe line being made between Iran and China to stunt Chinas growth as a nation. Iraq was in a position of having oil but something that some alternative thinkers have always speculated is that they found an ancient entrance which goes 100km down in to the earth where lots of secret technology was found including weapons of mass effect. This was built by ancient Lyrans as a bunker in case the Draconians and Orion group ever took Lyra and decided to press forward all the way to Sirius where all the refugees were from this conflict. The technology found could have made the world a 1000 years more advanced than currently was from the remains. Why the number is so low is because we foresee that most of the technology would have been useless or incomprehensible for Terrans to understand. The Iraqis had no intention of giving up the technology and the Wingmakers, the government from the future and the Andromedan council could do nothing because its not against the laws of intervention, they found the stuff; finders keepers. This did not go well for the Program and the NSA which decided they needed a pearl harbour event so that they could invade countries in the middle-east.

Sirians: Afghanistan is also has a large resource of lithium which can be used for car batteries, which would have benefited China a lot hence why Afghanistan was plucked from underneath their eyes so that America and her allies would be the go between people. 9/11 was done by the Israelis but was orchestrated by several nations that were in the know that includes France, Germany, South Korea, Israel, the UK, and the USA. 9/11 was a sacrifice to different Masonic gods as well hence all the symbolism such as the significance of the date 9/11 which is to do with the inside of the Pyramids. The world trade center buildings were designed in the shape of Orions belt and much more.

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