"The big idea is this: you are bound only by your reluctance to allow your heart to beat in its natural rhythm with all of life, born of Spirit. You are restricted only when you fail to realign your growth in the natural direction of the source of your very breath. Unbind yourself from all that would tether your great spirit to a set of rules or to a perspective from a single vantage point." from the "Free Spirit" core passage in Dawn's book Awakening the World Within and from #90daystolife both available from my website. This image also reminds me very much of Jesus is teaching around the vine and the branches found in the Gospel of John on this day between Good Friday and Resurrection Day.

"New life grows where once only nubs on tired branches formed to shield the few drops of sap left deep within the core. There, after a time, the passion of life itself stirs, gathering momentum, bursting forth eventually into a glorious spring." From the No Compromise section of the book Seeds for Life, which goes along with life seed number 27: feel the tender mercies of becoming. Join me for #90daystolife, which you can now access at my website. Follow link in profile.

"Clouds dance upon the stage of your world, shape-shifting and becoming. Who says the only applause needs to come from the thundering heavens? Up here, we are content and thoroughly entertained. You seem oblivious to the magic and wrongly assumed this moment is just the same old song and dance over and over and over again. Take a second look. And the third and the fourth. Quick, there's a show starting right now! Want to catch it? You never know what will happen." ⛅️ From day 15 of #90daystolife follow @lifeseedsdaily on Instagram or Facebook or visit website to join me for the journey of the soul.

Shadow Dancing. From Seeds for Life book and my 90-day soul journey: "This will be your home. It is now the refuge where you may hide beneath the shadow of winged ones. It is a home for your heart, and this home will not be seized when the body fades or the mind can no more remember all the ways of belonging you used to use to define the whole of who you are." For book, follow link in profile. To take the 90 – day journey, go to https://gumroad.com/lifeseeds come home and dance with your shadow today, knowing you are safe, loved, welcomed home just as you are.

Determined to stick to it this time ... #fitlife #90daystolife @90daystolife #focused

#workout complete... no matter what #pushthrough .. fell off but I’m back at it #90daystolife #sweetsweat #victoriassecret #pink

Exciting news! I was guided to offer a FREE 90-day cycle of 90 Days to Life. https://Facebook.com/groups/90days90ways We start Friday. Join anytime. #90daystolife #lifeseeds #livinginfullexpression #betterlife #soulgrowth #essentialsforliving #essentialself #essentialjourney #souljourney #essentialtruth #lifemap #free #onlineprogram #group

Finally made it back to the gym #90daystolife #motivation #onmywaytofit

Because of a back injury I haven't been able to workout, but I'm keeping the weight off and still fitting in my favorite dress.. #fitnesslife #90daystolife

My #dad had an amazing party .. so glad for the opportunity to celebrate with him in #trinidad ... I also fit my #dress #littlemilestones #fitnesslife #90daystolife

Working on my #arms #fitness #90daystolife

Getting that work from @arubahspirits trying to stay a healthy Nanna! #90daystolife #90daychallange #keeppushing #keepliving

Even out of town I have to keep up my motivation and find a #planetfitness #fitnessmotivation #90daystolife I finished off with jumping planks (3 sets of 15)

First time! #squats #90daystolife #fitnessmotivation #teamfit I will work on getting lower..

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