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Having lived in San Diego for most of my life, a scene like this could've only been a dream. Then, when we moved to Oregon a little over a year ago; I realized how green and luscious nature truly could get. With mini waterfalls flowing on the sides of roads and wildlife galore, I have never loved nature more than I do now. The funny thing is, most Pacific Northwesterner's I have met, don't quite appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. They live day-to-day finding something to complain about... Whether that may be gloomy weather or the 10 minute traffic they must endure. Funny how the grass is always greener on the otherside.

We are excited about this weekends Anchorage RunFest! Hope to see all of you there! #RunWildAk

A fight I'll never forget. 👊

When in Homer

Another one of these two because GOSH DARN IT KODIAK so much love for that island. 😍 // #catiebartlettphotography #SEAKbride #alaskaelopement #lookslikefilm #alaska #907 #ak #pnwonderland #kodiak #alaskabride #alaskawedding #alaskaphotographer

Congrats on the new gig. And yes we made her day even better. If you're not hangin with us on Snapchat you are missing out. #kwhl #907 #kwhl1065


Updated 8/17/17

Resource guide... will be updated with schedule, phone numbers ETC but here it is for now! Please share! - Cotegraphy (William Cote, Photographer) will be the official photographer for the Crystal Cup, doing on stage and backstage photos and video.
- Musich Photography will be on hand for power lifting and strongman
- Tina Marie will be a floating photographer
- One Stop Beauty is our official backstage tanning company for Crystal Cup competitors.

Amateur MMA, Muay Thai, Sub Grappling and boxing will all be held in a tournament format. Currently we are hoping for 4 man single elimination brackets.
Phone numbers and POC for each sport will be uploaded as they come available.

I tell them it's bedtime, and what do they do? Bring every toy back on the bed 😂 #goodnight #sleeptight

And then Goldilocks stumbled upon the freezer of the 3 bears... #alaska #ak #907 #whatsinyourfreezer #alaskanfairytale #salmon #berries #raspberries #livingofftheland #fallharvest

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