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9021-oh yes she betta do! 🙌 #9021HO is getting #RuVealed right now on @logotv, East Coast! ❤️

✨ gooped & gagged ✨ @ajathekween's always carrying, sis ✌️💕
Catch a new #RuVealed THURSDAY at 8/7c on @logotv 💋 #9021HO

Nothin' like a good ol'-fashioned freeze frame! 📸
Flashback to the '90's TONIGHT at 8/7c on #9021HO #RuVealed on @logotv! 💅✏️

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@nina_bonina_brown gets her head in the game 💪💄
Don't miss a brand new #DragRace Friday at 8/7c on @vh1 🙌💋 #9021HO

Here's my #2017bestnine and I would like to say that as someone who identifies as an Andrea/Steve hybrid I feel personally attacked😢

"...and I'm a little girl." 🌸 @allaboutvalentina 😉
#9021HO is getting #RuVealed THURSDAY at 8/7c on @logotv! 💋 Class is in session, so be there for all the tea! ✍️🍵

These fabulous queens did Donna Martin justice! Catch me and @jenniegarth on #DragRace tomorrow night at 8/7c for #9021HO! @rupaulofficial

Tonight! @torispelling, @jenniegarth, and #9021HO! 🎓💁 All on a new #DragRace at 8/7c on @vh1! 🏁💄💋


Here's my #2017bestnine and I would like to say that as someone who identifies as an Andrea/Steve hybrid I feel personally attacked😢

She's addicted to speed. @trinitythetuck #dragracefanart #rupaulsdragrace #9021ho #rpdr #rpdrseason9 ; .
This image came to me in a daydream. 🤤🤤🤤

When you finally let out the fart you've been holding in all day

Sorry for neglecting this account, I'm back bby

I'm really on board with this Brandon outfit so I'm choosing not to question it's beach appropriateness. Sorry for the double standard, ugg boot man.

Still upset about these boots

Brandon doing the universal sign for "actually" but this was a good look on him

David's outfit is the best of the three BUT ONLY BY DEFAULT LET'S BE CLEAR

Hope everyone celebrated/is celebrating Halloween in style! You will never beat Donna's costumes but I forgive you

Is Dylan Mckay on the phone with:
a) his sponsor
b) the private investigator who's going to help him find his long lost twin brother (Fred Andrews)
c) his tailor that he pays to distress his clothing so he can pass as a poor
EDIT: guys I know what episode this is and what’s actually going on here. I guess no one wants to “yes, and...” me today

I love all the times in season 1 where Brenda is cosplaying as a 12 year old girl

Since it's almost Halloween let us all stare into the eyes of the terrifying face on David's shirt

Not to state the obvious but that is a big shirt Brandon. Perhaps even too big.

I know I'm super late to the party but I just started watching Riverdale and I bloody love it! Anyway something that Fred Andrews said in the season 1 episode The Last Picture Show struck me as interesting. I had just made a joke that Luke Perry was finally playing an age appropriate character when our pal Fred proves me wrong by mentioning that he saw Candyman at the drive in with Hermione senior year of high school. Candyman was released in October of 1992 making Fred approximately the same age as Dylan McKay. So what do we think? Is this man actually Dylan Mckay living under an assumed name having entered witness protection? Long lost twin? Conspiracy theorists start your engines!
(And I love that Madchen Amick and Skeet Ulrich are also in this show, it's a real smorgasbord of 90s celebs)

Robin Sparkles on the set of her "Sandcastles in the Sand" video

Höhöttelin mun 90210- otsatukalle, kunnes muistin et osaa meiän perheessä muutki. Toisessa kuvassa isosiskoni Susanna :-----------------D <3
Sarjan tunnari kyl muutenki soinu päässä, kiitos RuPaul's Dragracen.

#9021ho #septum #strechedseptum

Watching the worst that humanity has to offer unfold like


This Donna hat cured my asthma, paid off my student debt and knows Pi to 500 digits

from the mouths of @myfavoritemurder and made by @thefwordmurdershow

I don't know why I always give Brandon so much credit for his double denim looks when he clearly learned everything he knows from our girl Cindy

The things you draw while you're on hold for 23 minutes. #doodles #torispelling #9021ho

Enjoy having the ch-ch sound in your head for the rest of the day now

I would rate both Steve and this jumper 10/10 but more importantly does this image remind you of any photos you've seen circulating recently?

100% here for this double denim look. I also really liked this era of Brandon's hair, bracing myself for the upcoming Bart Simpson years AY CARAMBA!

Thrones🔥💯photocred: @foryouhoe #nightout #9021HO

I haven't posted in a while because I was depressed about school starting 🙃 *Farrah liked 😫🖤♥️🖤, makes crying whale noise*

#rupaulsdragrace #rupaul #dragrace #drag #dragqueen #season9 #school #september #9021ho #finnaly #sheacouleé #valentina #sashavelour #alexismichelle #aja #trinitytaylor #farrahmoan #ninaboninabrown #peppermint #mug #paint #makeup #wowpresents #logo #vh1

Okay Sarah hang ten girl but then imma need you to hang twelve...steps

i have a yellow belt in karate and a tattoo (that you can't see) so dont f**k with me okcurrr #9021ho

Watching the 🌅 over Venice Beach with the crew! ☀️🌅☀️#sundayfunday #9021ho #la #venicebeach #santamonica

Happy Birthday to @jason_priestley a man who clearly knew that there would one day be a resurgence of both pendant chokers and crystals. Still waiting for thick, lustrous mullets to make their way back around.

I think I like Brenda's boots but it might just be because I'm comparing them to Kelly's

Congrats Madam President on your re-election @gabriellecarteris

Not really squad goals outfit-wise but Donna HAS delivered us hat goals

I think Dylan's penchant for one strappin his overalls really speaks to his desire to play the part of a transient even tho he's hella rich and privileged.

Based on Brenda's facial expression I'd guess she hasn't looked in a mirror

Pro tip: if ur going to insist on being a pompous ass at least look good doing it
Ps: Student Congress = the only halfway normal sign I've seen on this show...unless it actually says like "Impudent Bongress" or something

Sarah, it's night time gurl you don't need that hat fugging up your outfit...I guess she's not great at decision making

sometimes i'm in bed by 9pm and sometimes it's 3am and i'm on youtube watching wig transformations for drag queens #insomniac #gotmylifetogether #9021HO

Let this serve as a reminder that it's not just Brenda and Brandon whom we have to worry about re: incestuous sexual tension

Cowabunga dudes! Does the one on the right (with the very upsetting boots) look like Taylor Lautner or am I trippin?

@Regrann from @rupaulsdragrace - 💃 On the runway, #CategoryIs: #BigHairEverywhere ✨🙆✨
Head to the link in bio to sign in and snatch up the FULL EPISODE of #9021HO #RuVealed! 💅✏️
💋 New episodes every THURS at 8/7c on @logotv 💋
🎵 "Snapshot (feat. Macutchi) by @rupaulofficial 🎵 - #regrann

Just call me the postgirl of classy, coz I always deliver 💁

What happens at Beervana, obviously doesn't stay at Beervana 🍻 📸: Cute_candids_by_Rich&co

#9021HO #beervana #wellington #thriving
#zerofucksgiven #blonde #beer #ho #jk #halo #imanangel

❤Love love #rupaulsdragrace #9021ho

At first I thought I hated this nightwear look on Brenda but now I'm not so sure...maybe I'm still feeling personally victimized by these bangs

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