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Today’s mail day was exactly what I needed. Off to watch tapes after a full day of press work 🔥📼🔥

While digging through some things in my crawl space I happened upon one of my “memory boxes” where I keep random things like old IDs, movie stubs, etc. Things I had no reason to hold onto, but am sure glad I did... One of things I found was this old video membership card for my local mom n’ pop rental shop about a mile from my house. In the 80s, before Blockbuster and Hollywood Video took over, there were several shops in our area where we would rent our films. They all had various strengths and weaknesses; some with a better selection of old titles, some with more new releases, etc.

Video Box Office was my go-to shop, though. They were small, but had a nice selection of horror and $2.14 got you a movie and a box of stale popcorn (that was usually eaten on the walk home). What made them extra special was that they let me rent rated-R films at the tender age of nine. Every time I would try and rent a horror film, they would call my parents for permission. Then one day my parents asked if they could sign the back of my card so the shop would stop calling them every time I rented a movie. It worked, and from then on I had a pass to rent pretty much anything I wanted.

That card - and shop - is long gone, but this is the one that replaced it back in the 90s and I’ve still kept it all these years. I sure do miss those days...

34 years ago today:
Robert Hiltzik's Cult Classic 80's Slasher:
Sleepaway Camp (1983) was released in theaters -------------------------------------------------
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Was tagged by @medusasmidnighthorrorthon to show my “stack by the tv stack”...these were the closest ones near the tv so i stacked 💀📺 imma tag @dismembersonlyclub and @joshgoestohell #horror #dvd #slasher #horrordvd #dvdhorror #backtothefuture #laidtorest #slumberpartymassacre #hardrockzombies #80shorror #80sslashers #dvd #dvdcollection


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“white meat... dark meat... all will be carved”

Pleasant creeping 🦇🌙

Still some of my favorite VHS cover art ever! 📺📼

I miss cool 80’s horror art where everything didn’t look like a comic or a shitty photoshop job. Let’s celebrate it always.

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