Well... it's here... it probably should have been about a month ago from all of the days I skipped but, oh well. I was too busy living in the moment to post everyday and there's nothing wrong with that. These last few months have been fantastic. I'm winding down my cross country road-trip where I was able to visit friends, old and new. I saw beautiful things and had beautiful experiences. Not every place I stayed got it's fair share of insta-attention, but that's life. There were plenty of days I was way too wrapped up in my real life adventures to even think about a "#adventure". But I'm still glad I did this. To see where I was when I started and where I am now is kind of incredible. It wasn't that long of a period of time and still, so much has changed. So here's to my last day of feeling an obligation to a hashtag. I spent it wandering through the halls of my old university and being filled with nostalgia. But no more looking back! Cheers to the never-ending adventure we can life! #80daysofadventure 80/80

Wandered my old journalism stomping grounds today. Man, I missed this place more than I realized #80daysofadventure 79/80

Taking full advantage of the street lined with magnolia trees and bath houses in Hot Springs, Arkansas today #80daysofadventure 78/80

Thanks @chaderson12 for a day full of science and ramen. I am leaving Chicago one happy girl! #80daysofadventure 77/80

I love her from her head to her socko-rockin-chacos #80daysofadventure 76/80

Now we're cooking #80daysofadventure 75/80

Gangs all here! 🍻 #80daysofadventure 74/80

A terrible time lapse taken right before I was adopted and fed by a Canadian family #80daysofadventure 73/80

Found a Canadian Abbey, listened to some Georgian chants, bought some cheese #80daysofadventure 72/80

Starting to get that whole camera timer thing down. (Just kidding it took me like 40 photos to not look like an awkward pile of elbows and knees on a rock) #80daysofadventure 71/80

Working out my route to Milwaukee (and @briellelondre) this week over clam chowder and a lobster roll #80daysofadventure 70/80

Kind of obsessed with these cold water seaweeds and things #80daysofadventure 69/80

It's going to be a long day #80daysofadventure 68/80

My @tentsile doubled as a rain shelter last night camping at Moosehead Lake! #80daysofadventure 66/80

Had to climb a tree to get enough cell service to try to post this... a big bucket list day for me. Lucky enough to have entered my 50th state on our day of independence #80daysofadventure 65/80

Don't be fooled by the perceived peace in this photo... I've been dodging selfie sticks and Americans in maple leaf cowboy hats for the last hour #80daysofadventure 64/80

I do my best thinking in the presence of animals #80daysofadventure 64/80

Look! A Canadian thing! #80daysofadventure 63/80

My last day with my favorite #diabadass (That's a diabetic badass incase you don't have your own diabadass in your life ((mistake))) #80daysofadventure 61/80 @alexbackpacks

Vir(GIN)ia is for lovers ❤️ ((wait I think we're back in DC)) -- photo cred to:: @sam_o_91 Gin credit to:: @dcdistillers #80daysofadventure 61/80

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