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Happy almost Tuesday everyone. It's so hot right now at 23:45 and all I crave is a refeshing watermelon 🍉 I seriously can't get enough of watermelons, they are simply the perfect summer fruit. 😍 Today I have a question for you: What are the 3 things you are grateful for?
🇩🇪 Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Dienstag 😍 Hier ist es noch Montag Abend (23:45 Uhr) und ich träume davon eine erfrischende Wassermelone zu essen 🍉 Es ist einfach die perfekte Sommerfrucht. 😍 Heute habe ich eine Frage an euch: Für welche 3 Dinge seid ihr dankbar?
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Breakfast is served! 😋😋
@pana_chocolate 📷 🙏
Follow @thehealthfoodedition and use #thehealthfoodedition to be featured!

🍓🍓🍓 Berry-licious start to the new week ✨ Pink smoothie bowls all day, everyday 😏 Who's with me?

So I just finished my first day of induction for my summer internship at Jaguar Land Rover! And wow, I'm so excited for what's ahead. I met with my manager and found it what I'm doing and I can't wait to get started - I'll be in the actual test labs and do structural testing on model vehicles 🙆🏼

🇺🇸🌱🔥 Veganism is growing rapidly around and the world, and now we know that six percent of Americans identify as vegan - up from only one percent in 2014 according to a highly regarded industry report released this month.
The report, titled Top Trends in Prepared Foods in 2017 was prepared by research company GlobalData and shows the explosion in veganism over the last 3 years. It cites a growing awareness of the impact of meat consumption amongst consumers who are increasingly looking for more ethically produced and environmentally sustainable foods.
Six key consumer trends were identified, with veganism and 'going meat-free' listed as the number 1 trend:
“Go Meat-Free: Rising veganism and awareness of the impact of meat consumption are driving demand for meat-free products substitutes.”
Another key trend identified was also around 'Ethical eating':
Ethical Eating: Consumers are connecting ethical and sustainable lifestyles with wellbeing and wellness, creating demand for more ethically prepared foods.
The report recognised that while consumers' diets are diverse, with many people claiming not to follow a specific diet, there is a gradual shift away from meat, largely in response to health trends.
Check out the full article in the clickable link in @veganbodybuilding profile.
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How do you do the chia seed balls 🤔? One of the most frequently asked question and here is a tb to how I make the #balls 🙈😁💞 #alphafoodie

This heat got me day dreaming about these Tropical Smoothie Bowls and wishing I was on a beach somewhere. ⛱ Frozen banana ice cream topped with kiwi, strawberries, mango, dried mulberries, dark chocolate covered chia seeds, and drizzled with black strap molasses. Thank you to @beautifulcuisines for featuring my frozen fruit bowl. 😁💕
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VEGAN NUTELLA 🍫🌰 by @verdeisbetter 💛

1 cup Hazelnuts (sans shell) 
1 cup Raw unsweetened cacao
3 Tbs of agave (other sweeteners work as well)
Vanilla extract
Optional: hazelnut oil.

1. Toast the nuts for 10 min in the oven at 350˚F.
2. Peel the toasted cover with a kitchen cloth
3. Process until it because creamy delicious hazelnut butter! (It takes a little bit, but its worth it!)
4. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix (If the mix feels too thick add some water, almond milk, or the oil, the latter one will give it even more of that nutty goodness.
5. Save in a glass jar and wait 30min to eat.
Enjoy! #veganfoodvideos

This is per 100g 💪🏽. Not exactly a huge difference right? But then... there is a big difference between the two.
Chicken 🍗. Carbohydrates - 0g - 0
Calories - 165- 0
Iron - 1.0mg - 0
Protein - 23g - 1
Fibre - 0g - 0
Sodium - 82mg - 0
Cholesterol - 88mg - 0
Chickpeas 🌱
Carbohydrates - 61g - 1
Calories - 164 - 1
Iron - 2.9mg - 1
Protein - 19g - 0
Fibre - 17g - 1
Sodium - 24mg - 1
Cholesterol - 0mg - 1
Score totals? -
Chicken = 1
Chickpeas = 6
When considering the nutritional difference between two, chickpeas are such incredible foods that are highly beneficial for our health in the long run, and keep our ❤️'s healthy. Chickpeas aren't a complete protein in and of themselves, so make sure to combine them with brown rice to ensure you get all 9 amino acids in the essential profile. Hummus and pitta bread is also a complete protein?
When aiming to shift weight or just maintain a healthy weight, fibre is so important as it's got such a high correlation with weight loss in so many studies! 💪🏽. Without it, you're fighting your own willpower to say that you need to stop, which everyone knows is incredible difficult! Not to mention the fact that carbohydrates our bodies favourite source of fuel. Absolute favourite, and we shouldn't fear them if we're eating them with a nutritious food that contains fibre, like chickpeas do, because in a very short period of time, we'll feel full before we've had too much! 🌱

#repost from my queen @shinewithplants
JACKFRUIT🎉 Opening this bad boy was a real workout😅
It's hard to describe how it tastes. For me it's a combination of banana, mango and pineapple🍌🍍😋 I froze a part of this and we have been enjoying it in nice-cream. Fave combo: frozen #jackfruit ,frozen bananas and spirulina powder😱 BOMB.com! 
Have you ever tried Jackfruit? If yes, how do you describe its flavor? And what is your favorite way of eating it?

#happysaturday People😘


Next Level Women's Boyfriend Tee -$23.99
50% from the proceeds will be donated to Best Friend Animal Society. 🐶

Bella Canvas Unisex Tank -$22.99
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5 day vegan retreat ★ Nutrition talks, fitness classes, inspiration, yoga, running workshops, dancing, support with weightloss, parenting, authentic relationships, minialism, self love, beginners in raw food, perpetual health ★ Join us for an amazing 5 days - 2nd - 6th August 17 ★ www.fruitfest.co.uk for tickets #rawfood #ukvegan #fruitluck #fruitarian #rawvegan #801010 #rawtilfour #vegan #ukfruitfest17 #fruitfest #ukfruitfest #veganism #selflove #nutrition #veganrunners #conscious #minialism #woke #running #fruit #cleaneating #healthylifestyle

Glidan Women's Relax Tee -$21.99
50% from the proceeds will be donated to Best Friend Animal Society. 🐶

Morning green lemonade 💚 recipe for this is on the blog, it's just the most refreshing and delicious drink! Perfect for these summer days 💚
Love, Mrs H xx

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Kevin Cosmo from High Energy Parenting will be fiscusding how becoming a parent led him to a healthier life style and will be available all festival to answer your questions snd get to know him :D If you have children this is not yo be missed. www.fruitfest.co.uk
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#haveagreatday ☀️🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🚿🍉🍌🥑🍓👚👖👟💄💋👩🏼💕🤘

favorite breakfast at the moment 💚
oats with apricots, nuts and almond butter 😍
seriously have no idea how I would survive without oats at the moment 😂
I hope you all have a good day today 💚

Bday lunch with the mamma *^_^* 💖 @remedykombucha

“ Etre capable de trouver sa joie dans la joie de l'autre : voilà le secret du bonheur. ” Georges Bernanos
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Now is the time to join Alti2ude!

To celebrate our Grand Opening we have slashed the price of our standard membership to just $40 per week.

This means you can come to as many classes as you want, do as many weights/cardio sessions as you like and also take advantage of 4 FREE PT SESSIONS in your first month!

This is a never to be repeated deal and will only be running til' close of business July 2nd!

Please email rob@alti2ude.com.au for more info.

Don't like juices? The wait is over!! 14 Day Sip Your Weight Away Smoothie Meal Plan is now available to the public. Link in BIO!! #juicewealthy #changingtheperceptionoffood

Yesterday I visit Rome's best raw chocolate place @grezzorawchocolate . And yes I was very impressed 😍
They had 4-5 raw ice creams and loads of different chocolate creations. Everything from cakes to small deserts. I have heard about this place for long time and so happy that I found it! If you visit Rome you should visit them and support them! They are doing something special and taking raw chocolate to the next level. Keep up the nice work @grezzorawchocolate and I will be back ❤☺👌🏻

The waterfall in the background of this photo was epic, sorry you have to look at me 😂😂 Hired a 🚗 and went and saw some pretty incredible views as well at #springbrooknationalpark 🌿🌱 The perfect way to spend a cloudy day 🌲🌳 #discoverqueensland

Sunshiney winter days feat. @ohana.acai.bar's new porridge bowls and spiced charcoal lattes ☕️ it's all good baby 💫

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