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Watching Marry poppins at the moment 💛 how i love Musicals!! I've always wanted to play in a musical too. Because I love to sing and dance and i always feel like a little kid looking up to the actors on the stage 😉😍 This was my dinner from some days ago... We had dinner in a restaurant with a lot of oil 😜😂

Pho 🍜🌿
I can't even explain my excitement about going to Finland and Prague in 8 days!!! Finally gonna be reunited with my mom and sisters after 3 months ☺️ (and also with all the delicious vegan pho and food in Finland!). It'll be my first time in Prague so if any of you know some delicious vegan places to go, please let me know! ☺️💕
I need to give credit to @emiliaoksanen for taking this photo cause she put up with me being really extra and swapping seats with me for better lighting for the photo 😂 (thank you bb, I love you and miss you so much💕) Anyway, I hope you all have an absolutely lovely day and are ready for #friyay tomorrow!! 🌴☀️

Lacival 1 héten több mint 40 kg narancsot fogyasztunk el😋🍊! Minden napunkat fejenként 1 liter narancslé lefacsarásával kezdjük, napközben is iszunk, csak gondoljatok bele mennyi C-vitamin megy át a szervezetünkön😄! Nem mondanám, hogy brutál erős a genetikám, sokkal inkább a rengeteg gyümölcsnek hála, amivel megajándékozom a szervezetem sosem vagyok beteg :)! Bárhogyan is, de kezdjétek Ti is nyers energiával a napot, higyjétek el utána sokkal gördülékenyebb minden! Jobban forog az agy, jobban teljesítenek az izmok, sokkal boldogabb a test, ha kedves vagy hozzá és nem kávéval, energiaitallal, feketeteával vagy cigarettával indítod el a napodat☺️! Persze hozzá kell tennem, nekem sok időm van reggel, mert itthoni munkát végzem, de ha van lehetőséged rá valahogy szoríts magadnak egy kis időt erre a kis ceremóniára, amit a testedért teszel! Ha reggel nem megy, akkor pakolj be 10-20 narancsot, egy kis kézifacsarót és az ebédszünetben a munkahelyen is megpróbálhatod! Mert egyébként Lacóval minden héten kézzel facsarjuk le ezt a 40 kg-t😋✨! Mindenki a kis saját adagját, jó karozás már reggel😁!
Facsarásra fel kedveskéim! Vigyázzatok magatokra!🍊😚 #raw #vegan #801010 #801010rv #fruitarian

Playing around with the new mint @ganefryddadelkonfekt making my peanut butter sandwich pretty and tasty 👅👌🏻✨ How do you like to munch your raw bars? 🐒#rawvegan #ad

Good morning ✨💗 Delicious oatmeal, a good night's sleep and some good tunes this morning have put me in a good mood 🙏🏻 Really wish I could quickly fly over to Eva's (@lovelyeevi) for a delicious breakfast like this! 😍 #sharethelove
I'm so happy that Spring is finally here, and summer's just around the corner ☀️ Which means that berries are slowly coming back into season and I couldn't be more excited 🙆🏼 Also, last night on my IG story, I answered some of your questions! I thought it would be nice to answer 2-3 common questions a day, so just message me or comment on any of my posts and I'll answer them 😌

I don't care what you all say, chocolate buckinis are the best acai bowl topping. Since going vegan I have discovered both acai bowl and choc buckinis, but only last year did I experience them together. They are perfect and I love them. (The secret to my heart is this exact bowl and a sad beautiful movie. Give me both and you will win my heart) ✌🏼️💛 (maybe add some passionfruit coyo to really seal the deal)

Where do you normally hang out your #laundry? 🤔😁💕

This meal was crazy delicious. The papaya and mangos were perfectly ripe and the wild arugula was super spicy 🙏😋🎉☀️🌱 #diabetes #fruit


The salad of champs 💪🏼🌿
I've been adding apple cider vinegar to my salads and I've noticed a great improvement in my digestion. I like to cover up the taste by mashing 1/2 an avocado with the juice of 1 lemon and throwing it into my salad as well. 🥑🍋
So this was simply a bed a mixed greens with apple cider vinegar massaged into it, cucumbers, tomato, grilled tempeh and the avocado-lemon dressing.
Filling, healthy, and delicious 😋

Yesterday was a good day in Edinburgh despite the weather! Ended my day with this gorgeous raw berry chocolate cake from @pumpkinbrowncafe 😍😍 The cake slices are huge though! Bring a friend to share. 😉 Pumpkin Brown Cafe is all vegan and delicious! (And I think mostly raw?) I can't wait to try their salads next. 🙌

Too early for Christmas. 🎄😣

Кокосовый чиа-пудинг с клубничным мороженным и фруктами🍨🍓🍏🍌. Вкусно, полезно, сытно и невероятно просто! Я была совсем не готова заморачиваться, хотелось поскорее съесть эту вкусняшку, поэтому я просто все покидала в тарелку. И, по-моему, даже так выглядит красиво и аппетитно. Как и любая другая здоровая свежая растительная пища😉
#пудинг #чиапудинг #801010 #постныйдесерт #омегажиры #вегандесерт #мороженое #веган


extreme greens this morning to keep this incoming cold I'm feeling at bay 😵 spinach, #kale , #matcha and bananas topped with the cutest #kiwiberries and pepitas. Feeling springy with some flowers from my walk! #supergreens #dragonfruit

Over-priced but delicious avocado toast at Brew Lab in Edinburgh. I'm guessing they put black salt in it because it's very very good. Topped with chili flakes and black pepper. Skip the feta to make it vegan. 🥑 Their peanut butter and toast costs less and you get a LOT of peanut butter and more toast (two full slices) so that's another good breakfast option! 🥜🍞👅 They always have vegan options for breakfast and lunch. 😇

It was a dream🌵
And IG please stop making my photos so blurry, it's not cool😵

Hey lovelies 💕 I enjoyed my smoothie so much yesterday 🍓🍌 and im so happy you guys liked it too! Thanks for your sweet comments and likes! 😊 So i decided to recreate it into a yummy nice cream 💖 In my food processor i blended: frozen bananas, fresh strawberries, a few frozen raspberries (about 3 to get a pink color), @so_delicious plain coconut milk yogurt, and a tinyyy bit of almond milk. Topped off with cereal, hemp hearts, coconut flakes, blueberries and more strawberries🍧🌸

Treat yourself the right way! Organic, dairy free breakfast bars. All of our bars contain dates tree nuts & raw honey. We don't carry or use peanuts in our store due to high allergies 😃 #rawremedy #palmsprings

No filter ! dragon fruit 🐉 orange

Not the best picture but this morning I ate this smoothie made with banana and spinach and topped with chia seeds, some cashews and dates 😍 .
#vegan #veganteen #veganblog #healthyfood #healthyeating #hclf #raw #rawvegan #rawtill4 #801010 #cleaneatingrecipe #gym #breakfast #dates #food #motivation #mumbai #india #crueltyfree #proteins #smoothie #bodypositive

Purity! It's the first word that came to mind when I peered into my finished vegan breakfast bowl! Overnight oats, bananas, kiwi, blueberries and mulberries. Spectacularly delish, and nearly a perfect 80/10/10 ratio bowl (80g carbs, 10g protein and 5g fat)! How's that for nailing it!! Have a wonderful day you all! 🌱🙌🏻🌱🙌🏻🌱

Kaiso sarada from Senju! Mixed greens and assorted seaweed salad with apple dressing, topped with mangoes 😋 can I just say that seaweed is one of my favorite things in the world?? Mmm 💚

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