9 freaking days and @kayscoth and I move into our new place. Who wants to party?#imsooverlivinginanapartment #firstworldproblems

Friday got you feeling good? Why not feel your girls then too! But really, we think any day is a good day to stay on top of your breast health 😉
Art by @mvralldayeveryday for @knowthy8008135

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Model: Coding
ID: GB172
Year: 1996 F/W

🤪Cover her plastic boobies🤪 #bratz #8008135 #slutshamerscandie! #bratzdoll

🍈 #8008135

Friday nights are always sexy when you can bring a nixie tube calculator back to life from 1971.

Taking care of your girls means knowing your normal and speaking up when something doesn't feel right. It also means eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, less alcohol, and living a balanced life. Remember: you are your own best breast health advocate👌👌

Double D's don't double your risk. Bust myths and get more breast cancer facts by visiting our #8008135 chat bot -> 8008135.com
Art by @ashlukadraws

Spa day - belated birthday treat from the most amazing bunch. Thanks so much lads! This was one of the nicest things ever! ❤️ #spaday #spatime #birthdaytreat
And yeah in case anyone is wondering 👉🏻 @c.h.e.s.s 👈🏻dem babies are real (.)(.) 😂 #8008135

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