Happy Birthday El❤️❤️! 8.8.18! Happy Birthday to this GIRL! #7yearsinlove #1992 #friends #gahtauschogegdi30gi #wasfüreindatum #dankbar

We have changed so much and I love who we have become ❤️cheers to 4yrs 😘 08.03.14 #anniversary #7yearsinlove #thankyougod #love #bestfriendgoals

Svegliarsi così, la mattina 😍 #weddinganniversary #4.8.11 #7yearsinlove

Anniversary get away with my handsome hubby 😘❤️ #ilovemyhusband #7yearsinlove #mylove #shanekarrigan

7 years with my love today ❤️. We went for our classic sushi and movie date. Loved you then, love you now, and love you always 😘. @pateshu #7yearsinlove #happyanniversary

Trying to keep that vacation feeling on...
Absolutely thrilled for all new exciting things coming for me and Andy this autumn. 😊

P. S.: Grinding the same pose since kindergarten 😁
Snažím sa udržať si v sebe ten dovolenkový pocit...
Veľmi sa teším na všetky nové "projekty", ktoré sme si s Andym od jesene prichystali.

P. S.: Pózu zdokonaľujem od škôlkarskych fotiek 😁
#partnerincrime #excitingthingstocome

Seven years ago today, my little love bug decided to say hello. She was 19 and starting college in rochester, i was 24 and starting grad school in san Diego. Over the next couple years we would not only end up talking near every day but when we did talk, it would end up being for hours - 5 hour Skype sessions weren't unusual. I finished grad school, drove 2,500 miles home, and the next morning I drive 100 more to go see @innessabear
I knew it when i saw her, maybe she did too, i dont know, but my heart smiled for the first time.

For the next 5 years we developed our friendship, hoping it would become a relationship. Since we met i have lived in 3 different states, never closer than a 4hour drive, and difficult to develop true chemistry. So i pleaded with her to visit me month after month, every year, because i knew when she did we could begin.

Flash forward to a flashback in march, my love comes to visit me, tells me we shouldnt risk the 'what if' of not trying, of not committing to each other. I waited years for those words.

My heart smiled a second time. My love, loved me.

#7yearsinlove #finally #loveisworthit #zoomerandzorbit #yesh

Huhu. 2-3 ngày mình đau quá k ăn uống được gì. Bonus thêm quả sốt cao vđ. A bạn thân tối xuống lôi mình đi ăn bằng được..sờ người a bạn còn sốt cao hơnn. Uizoioi..dở chứng lắm rồii 😭😭 xong còn dắt đi xem 9D kêu cho tỉnh người ms ghê rợnnn. À xong mang 1 vỉ panadol ra kêu uống đi cho hạ sốt :)) nói cái ô làm luôn 2 viên :))) nhiều lúc đáng yêu phết nèeer

🐈 💤 Good Night 💤 🐈

Almost seven years ago i met you here. And i’m still very much in love with you. ❤️ #haelenkermis #kermis #boyfriend #inlove #7yearsinlove #thebest #couplegoals

There is this guy who stole my heart 💕 #7yearsinlove #stilltheone #stillgoingstrong #theoneikissgoodnight

#любвипост Три года мы семья. Счастлива каждую секунду. А теперь нас еще и трое. Магическое число. @malbergdenis спасибо за нас ❤️ #3yearsmarried #7yearsinlove #love #happy

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