LEFT: 1 month postpartum - RIGHT: 7months postpartum.
No matter what your fitness goal is know that it takes time!! Don’t expect changes straight away, that will only set you up for disappointment which can be very demotivating. Focus on being consistent and before you know it you’ll start feeling and seeing changes. .
I’ve gotta be honest with you though, I did have some moments when I was being impatient & would whinge to Declan because I wasn’t “bouncing back”. - It takes commitment, time and PATIENCE! Haha! 😝🙈
It’s hard not to feel disheartened when others seem to get results fast. - This is exactly why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others!
We’re all different so don’t compare your journey to me or anyone else. Remember, I started working out 9 years ago so I have muscle that has taken me years to build and muscle memory. .
I’m nowhere near as fit as I was pre-baby and I do want to get fitter and build more muscle but again, that will take time.
I just want to feel good, and be healthy so I can be the best I can be without putting pressure on myself. I love my body right now and will keep working to get fitter and stronger. 💪🏼
Also, I don’t spend hours in the gym and I don’t train every day. I do my own workouts from my FIT APP and mainly follow the home workouts - they’re efficient and effective which is what I need since I’m busier than ever now. 😝
I also follow the meals in my program most of the time - they’re delicious, keep me full and aren’t hard to make (I’m not good in the kitchen - just ask Declan!! 😂)
Don’t forget, no matter what your goal is it’s important to love yourself along the way and be kind to yourself. 🙏🏼💗
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Happy 7 Months Postpartum to ME!!! Been a great 7 Months on my Postpartum Health and Fitness Journey. Today I’m not posting any side by sides of my progression of my stomach, abs, or overall figure.
This journey is much more then what physical progressions your making. It’s about mental ones. It’s about doing things that make you feel good. It’s about loving yourself and your body for what it is. It’s about being consistent with your eating habits and your workouts not for overall physical appearance but for your overall healthy.
Yes I’m 7 months Postpartum and not showing any side by sides or transformations. The only thing you’ll see here is a healthy lady who feels amazing, I feel the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been, I’ve been consistent with myself and throughout my Postpartum Health and Fitness Journey. So first I love my body, I love myself, I love being a mom, I love that I love caring about myself, and I love that I haven’t given up on myself because my girls are watching me.
Soooo Happy 7 Months to my healthiest self both physically and mentally! ❤️

**I’m excited to launch my first ever #Last90 Challenge** The W H A T?!?! Think about it 🤔🤔🤔 What IF... You treated these last 3 months of 2018 the same way you started the first of the year... What IF... You ended this year stronger than you started... What IF... You stopped putting yourself last, ditched the excuses of welllll, “it’s basically fall so it’s pretty much Thanksgiving then Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s pretty much then Christmas, and well...you know...etc...” ☝️☝️☝️How many of you were just nodding your head through that???!!! So WHAT IF.... You just said YES to investing back in YOU— N O W, like right now 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ Because that is only THREE days out of 90 #youcandothis
I can TEACH you what I have learned and give you support, and accountability to help you ROCK your own goals! 👉Early bird Enrollment is TODAY through 9/30
👉Our prep week for this group will begin 10/1
👉First official day is 10/8

All early bird peeps will get a special thank you package from yours truly 😘
Must be willing to commit with ME, be a positive participant in our challenge group and enjoy dropping GIFs to share their day 🤣🤣🤣 NEGATIVE NELLIES NEED NOT APPLY ✌️✌️✌️ So naturally, drop me an emoji if you’re interested in joining us 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Siblings are the best - am I right?
Thanks Zia (Aunt) Chelsea for coming to hang with us. We think you’re the best! ❤️

👂🏻Listen up! .
I sat around for a LONG time complaining about my body and my health.☹️ I constantly told my husband I didn’t feel pretty and that I didn’t understand how he found me beautiful. .
It wasn’t until I got over my pride (see earlier post) and asked for help that I saw results! 🤔 I had no clue where to start or what kind of exercise would work for me. .
NOW I am surrounded by women who provide support and encouragement 💕 and I seriously feel like I CANNOT FAIL. .
Are you READY to stop wishing for changes and start making them?? I am accepting 5 ✋🏻 women to join my current online fitness accountability group! I’ll get you started and guide you through, plus get you connected to people with the same goals for extra support!! .
😻Fill out the application in my bio! The first three women to join get a special surprise from yours truly! .
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No matter what your journey be proud of yourself and your body!
Don’t let anyone or anything let you think any less of yourself!
Social media and editing is responsible for warping the truth.
I talked on my stories about my journey...... I have gained 150kg (30kg each pregnancy) in the past 11years 😱 and my body definitely resembles that with excess skin, stretch marks and cellulite but it’s ok it’s totally fine! I’ve learnt to just embrace it. I have grown and fed FIVE👏🏻BEAUTIFUL👏🏻BABIES👏🏻 my body is incredible and so is yours!
Move your body because it makes you feel good, eat good food because you want to nourish your body. You only get one body and one life! Be kind to yourself 💕
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its finally fall, you know what that means... bulking season. #gaintrain #mombod #7monthspostpartum #bulkingseason

Can you guys tell I ate like a complete asshole yesterday? (I don’t know where that expression came from but it is 💯 the way to describe it.) .
I had bourbon, beer and a bagel. Chicken strips, Mexican for dinner including too many chips and salsa. And half of this rich, dense dessert, Salted Carmel, chocolate pretzel bar thing. See, I wasn’t lying. .
I have those days where I just don’t focus on what I eat (on purpose) because most of the time I eat healthy. .
You CAN make progress on your goals and occasionally eat like an asshole. You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods. I used to think you did to really make progress but nope! I made a lot of mistakes before I figured this all out. Now I love helping other women learn from my mistakes!

Not all runs are created equal. Today’s was just meh. Started out well with a nice breeze and cooler temps but by the end the humidity still got to me. This body is definitely ready for fall/winter running!!! 🍁🏃🏻‍♀️

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Goodbye photos and VIDEO 😳😳 ✅. No one can say a side by side video is photoshopped right?! Years of watching infomercials at home, years of scoffing they weren’t real, they were fabricated, no way could people get results like that at home 🙄🙄. If you’ve been following for the last 7 months.... I think you know I proved myself wrong 😂😂. How often do we take those Day 1 photos, those goodbye/‘before’ photos, and have a frown? A look of disgust? Or immediately tear our bodies apart, looking at all the things we crave to change, wishing for spot reduction, the fluff to melt, the dimples to disappear?
I’ll be asking the same of the 20 women starting day 1 with me tomorrow in my Fall into Fit bootcamp — to take those photos we can all dread so much.
This morning?
There were smiles in those photos and video.
There was no staring at the dimples, or any negatives — because truthfully, I didn’t see any.
I saw strength and determination, proud and happiness, a woman, a Mom, feeling gosh darn amazing in her own skin at 7 months postpartum.
There are only flaws if we give them power, there is only criticism if we allow it.
There’s no fitness program that does that.
Yep, I see muscle.
But the strongest muscle I have is between my ears.
And THAT is what this new program I’m venturing into tomorrow is all about — a MIND transformation with the physical to follow.
I feel really good where I’m at heading into this, and I can’t imagine the new things I will learn to be able to share with my bootcampers and continue to grow on this personal journey of mine.
Build up your self-praise muscle and you’ll be bulletproof, girl! 💜

I've trimmed down, so now it's time to tone up. #30weekspostpartum #7monthspostpartum #mommymakeover #losbeforeandafter

Love your body at every stage! .
5/2017 ➡️ Right before I found out I was pregnant. .
2/2018 ➡️ 2 Days Postpartum. .
9/2018 ➡️ 7 months Postpartum. .
That’s it 💕 .
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#ilovebreakfast ❤️ keeping a cooked omelette filler mix in the fridge makes an omelette for yourself for days. It’s rare that I don’t have an #egg for breakfast in some shape or form!

THE SORTIE LONGUE 🏃‍♀️ 20km allure visée semi 🥇le grand test, tenue allure petit dej ravitos... tout s’est plutôt bien passé 😊 (un peu compliqué sur la fin 😬) Merci @acenebachir de m’avoir accompagnée 🙏 et maintenant verdict dans 2 semaines, en espérant la même (en mieux) ! 😃🤞 #run #running #runningmom #nike #nikerunning #prepa #semimarathon #objectif #runinlyon #couriralyon #7monthspostpartum #reprise

Haven’t done a selfie in a while! No MILF here 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ .
#7monthspostpartum #mumlife #boymum

Her smiles melt my ❤ peep the two little teefers 😁🤗😍

Self Care day for this ☝ momma right here!
I needed 2 whole hours to myself. My anxiety this past little bit has been super high and I can:t seem to pinpoint it. 📌
It's been a rough month and I appreciate you babes a ton with all your encouraging and uplifting messages. They seriously bring a huge smile to my face 😄💞
Trying to make so many decisions, stressing over the little things and always figuring out who I am.
It doesn't matter if you struggle with anxiety or not. We all need a day sometimes to just distress, find our fire, joy, passion and our love for those we care deeply about. 🙌🔥😘
Needless to say, I'm feeling a little bit better today. Being able to take time for myself means that I can be a much better momma for my lil guy. 👶💜

#7monthspostpartum & 5 more months to go 🙏🏾🙏🏾!!! With #patience, #discipline & a desire to not be skinny, but to become #healthy ! I still eat pizza , cookies and ice cream. My goal is not to deprive myself of “comfort” foods, it’s just to know that food will NOT be my comfort. I wanna eat to LIVE 😏😏😏. #healthyisthenewskinny ! #becomingabetterme #myweightlossjourney #changecomingSOON #keepwatching #transformation #blackwomenlosingweight #weightlossmotivation #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #blackwomenfitness #healthylifestyle ❤️

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