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I was going threw my videos and found this ,I don't even remember this video, I was so lit lol . thanks again for the sesh everyone . @fatty_dabz @killergreenbud420 @hildesgarden @customgrow420 @oilman253 @thchristi @dankscandy

When you grow great flowers like the @bulkycanada crew great extractors can make some amazing concentrates!
The team at @710.earthbound squished some Bulk Farms Girl Scout Cookies into a beautiful golden rosin just waiting to be dabbed!
Make sure to check them out !

We got this Phoenix! #phoenixcannabiscommunity
World record Blunt is only 5lb! I propose we make it 7.10lb who's with me?
The Phoenix cannabis community is strong. Let's show the world what we can accomplish!

Dispensaries, DAs and Patients! If you would like to take part in this record breaking event DM your pledged to @weed_perfect
The goal it to set the new record on or around 7/10/18! There is not a lot of time left!
Right now we need to get everyone involved. Please help tagg dispenserys DAs and Patients on my original post! Ty

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What do you mean there's something wrong with our Phoenix Cannabis Community? We're stronger than ever and it's time to prove it!

The world record for the biggest blunt is only 5lb. It's time to break that record and heres your chance to be part of it!

The Goal is to set a new record with a 7.10 lb+ blunt!
Phoenix come match me infront of the world stage! Anyone who would like to help breaking this world record and become apart of this DM with your MMJ pledges @weed_perfect
Let's bring our community together and make and make something amazing happen!
Dispensaries, DA's, Vendors and Patients who feel they are a true apart of this community is welcome to participate!
You can help now by tagging members of the community that should get involved and reposting this everywhere!

We're wishing the homie @drerrlextracts a great weekend at the @indigenouscannabiscup ! Make sure to check out his booth for a great range of products !
Also make sure to give his new account a follow ! He was recently deleted 😧

To stick to the Durban Poison Sativa trend today were stoked to show you guys a crispy shot of some of the shatter form of the flower earlier from our friends at @grand_river_extracts
These guys are no joke ! Definitely make sure to give them a look !

Durban Poison has proven time and time again why it is such a cherished pure Sativa strain !
The guys over at @grand_river_extracts have this strain dialed in with terp and quality overload !

We apologize for the lack of new content !
We promise we've got a crazy stockpile but with half of our team in Peru (shoutout @camlangendoen have a dope trip fam) things have been a bit hectic !
This Apple Pie collab between our good friends @honeybadgerextracts and @hierbacanada has been absolutely amazing for keeping an energetic high and a unique Apple terpene that we've never experienced before !
You've got to get your hands on some if you haven't already !!

When Your tank starts to run a little low you refuel when you can...
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Our friends at @the_ccc_canada have done it again ! Offering some of the best priced oz in the market ! This White Rhino can be found along with other great choices for compassionate pricing!

Sometimes a good sativa is the perfect fix for a pre work dab or to not overdo things before bed !
Our friends at @dajointclinic710 have a great East Coast Sour Diesel shatter that helps satisfy those perfect energetic concentrate needs !

This Madonna Kush from our friends at @coastalwildfire might not make you sing like Madonna, but will definitely have you feeling like a Rockstar !
Make sure to check out their awesome selection of fresh canned flower !

A #dab after finishing up my shift hopefully some headache and pain relief are a moment or two away. Usually helps more and works quicker than a pain pill...
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The trend of canning or jarring flower is definitely one that we can get behind !
Typically speaking if a company is willing to can a strain it isn't because it's mids!
Our friends at @coastalwildfire have some incredibly fresh and fire strains in their cans ! This Purple God x Green Crack is super potent and coming sealed with a humidity pack ensured that it didn't dry out or lose any goodness !
Give them a look and make sure to check out their other strains !

Your new connect for top shelf quality can be found at @burloaksmoke !
Offering quick and discreet delivery and free delivery for orders over 100$ look no further than @burloaksmoke for all your medical needs!
If you like rosin or top quality concentrates this is the best in the area !
Check them out on @weedmapsca !

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