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“My leathers fit tight around me
My whip is always beside me
You want the same thing every day
I'll teach you love a different way
You'll learn to love me and my sweet pain
My love will drive you insane
Sweet pain, my love will drive you insane...”#70sKISS #SweetPain

Gotta keep the theme going! #kissmeetsthephantomofthepark @genesimmons %PeterCriss #70sKiss

Interviewer: What is the art form that is involved when you pretend to be vomiting blood on the stage?
Gene Simmons: Who told you it was pretend?
#70sKISS @genesimmons _#kissonline 🤟🏼#70sKiss

We all know and love the current Axe Bass played by the demon. But, did you know there was another? The original prototype Gene Simmons used was lovingly known as the "Executioner." According to @genesimmons the bass was too heavy and never used live. It was only used for photos #70sKiss

The final #LoveGun album artwork by Ken Kelly is iconic. But,did you know the original concept art depicted KISS in a back alley? According to KISS' art director Dennis Woloch, this was concept #1 and the band hated it. KISS wanted to be in a palace setting. Krazy KISStory!#70sKISS

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