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Got to get away for a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with this lady and some amazing people

It's PR Friday: post your training updates, PR's, or goals and mingle with other hard training fools.
This is a pic of 70's Big Hall of Famer Doug Young deadlifting. If you don't know who he is, then serve yourself some justice and Google him. Read the 70's Big article or watch some YouTube videos.
Question of the Week: When's your next competition?
#70sBig #training #PRFriday

Happy Birthday to my grandpa. Doesn't look 70 to me. More like #70sbig with dem muscles! I get all my humor and need to be in the gym from him. He still pulls big marlin into his boat and puts up drywall and most importantly, lifts weights everyday. He stay strong and stay working hard.Love you grandpa. I wish I can be out there fishing with you!

Happy birthday @mjcresto you big stud, πŸ’ž. Love you big dog #70sbig #powerbuilding #powerlifting #ironbrothers @noahstrength @itspena_

One of these days I'll do what the bros call "hypertrophy work."
#heavyassweight #70sbig #nicetheoriesbronowgolift

Classic. I think I'm going to watch it again.......right now. #PumpingIron #WhenMenWereMen #TheGoldenEra #70sBig

#Repost @schwarzenegger
Some things never change. En route to the Arnold Classic in Columbus with Franco!


Got to get away for a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with this lady and some amazing people

Decided to do the thing
@dannyg55 @james_jitsu @paragonbjjventura

Eren is a filthy leg locker. #attackontitan #titanbjj


Followed this with 315x3x5.
Things I learned from today's workout:
1) I hate traditional squat racks
2) I can squat over 500 at a much lighter body weight than before
3) I remembered how much I hate AC/DC, and I can still squat heavy even when they're playing


@ruiz._e with the spot, @chalkjunky with the video, and @noahstrength with the wedgie on the camera man.


Followed by 500x3x2, 225 3x10 stiff leg deadlifts, 3x10 snatch grip deadlift, and hack squats. Thanks to @mo.town.fitness for the video!

There were some solid PRS hit on squat today.
@troyman92 hitting a pretty easy 545 with a lot more in the tank. @ashbwallace hitting a 155 Squat and totally understand redeem herself. @veni.vidi.lifty hitting a PR of 245 with more in the tank and @ktrade33 killing 350, and making it look good! Great job and there is more weight to be lifted, we are just getting started. #dallasstrengthandconditioning #70sbig #dallas #texas #beachseason #powerlifting #usapowerlifting #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #squat #strength #hardworkpaysoff #skiesoutthighsout

I'm very lucky to get all the strong, beautiful women in my immediate family in one place!

Happy birthday to my amazing mom!

Just adding the finishing bacon to my chicken, πŸ₯“ πŸ₯‘ 🍳 bowl with some lettuce to garnish #baconbae @nusr_et #paleo #bacon #kushfitkitchen #nike #70sbig

Got that chill-aco, I regret nothing. Fite me irl @daysinhades

More pics of the old man from back in the day. My dad was about 17 or 18 years old here. I was influenced to bang weights as a young kid due to going over to my grandmas where my dad had all of his weights in her basement. Old school plastic sand weights shit. There were some metal plates and he had a homemade T-bar row set up and squat rack. I knew all of the famous bodybuilder's at that time. I knew Lou Ferrigno, the bodybuilder, before he became the Hulk on tv. Guys like Franco Columbo, Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer, and of course, Arnold were all heroes of mine at age 8. #backintheday, #70sbig, #70sbodybuilding, #ironsharpensiron, #bodybuilding, #strongman, #powerlifting, #settingthestandard, #becomeyourpassion, #history, #krerowicz, #rwp, #musclebuildermag, #weider, #olympia

Abbey and I caught the Easter bunny 🐰 #WCW

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