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Some times it's okay to ask for help because some times you need it. But most of the time, you'll need to take personal responsibility, whether that be un-fucking your shit or taking accountability of wrong doing or a shitty job.
Other times, people are assholes or the hard thing is the right path right now. People talk about the grind like a noble endeavor, but sitting at your desk sipping coffee isn't a grind. A grind is something you strive for every day, and if your will wavers, it grinds you into dust. Don't let it. Put one foot in front of the other and get it done. The only way to not be ground down is to be harder than the grindstone.
#70sBig #InspirationIsSelfmade #oncemoreintothefray

It has been a while.
100 kb snatches with 53
#dallasstrengthandconditioning #kb #rkc #70sbig #snatches

One of these days I'll do what the bros call "hypertrophy work."
#heavyassweight #70sbig #nicetheoriesbronowgolift

Happy birthday @mjcresto you big stud, 💞. Love you big dog #70sbig #powerbuilding #powerlifting #ironbrothers @noahstrength @itspena_

Happy Birthday to my grandpa. Doesn't look 70 to me. More like #70sbig with dem muscles! I get all my humor and need to be in the gym from him. He still pulls big marlin into his boat and puts up drywall and most importantly, lifts weights everyday. He stay strong and stay working hard.Love you grandpa. I wish I can be out there fishing with you!

Hardest lift is you ass off the couch
#gym #lift #fitlife #70sbig @option1fitnesskeene

Classic. I think I'm going to watch it again.......right now. #PumpingIron #WhenMenWereMen #TheGoldenEra #70sBig

#Repost @schwarzenegger
Some things never change. En route to the Arnold Classic in Columbus with Franco!


It has been a while.
100 kb snatches with 53
#dallasstrengthandconditioning #kb #rkc #70sbig #snatches

Absolutely loving the Inov8 Fastlift2 weightlifting shoes. Definitely noticed an improvement in squat form and ankle mobility for the Olympic lifts. Thanks for the recommendation @_charlieburrows 👍💪#staystrong #fastlift #olympicweightlifting #bulgarianweightlifting #chineseweightlifting #crossfit #70sbig #squats #frontsquat #deadlift #powersnatch #powerclean #highpull #tripleextension #wod #instalift #strength #strongman #bpisportsuk

Trying to learn to do cool body weight stuff, but I still suck. @jazzblaster @phillongatc @codytriggs @evan_hardman @austwol

The green on my eye is an abrasion on the cornea, about 5mmx4mm. I wish I had a cool story, but really I just got a papercut on my eye from a shopping bag. I'm just gonna be a pirate for a few days. Thanks to @abbeyrosem for taking care of me while I can't see ❤️love you.

I always look forward to Monday and Wednesday evening for @mitchyount 's class at @paragonbjjventura!

I thought it fitting to post a picture of the big boys sitting... I ended up taking 3rd at IBBJF Worlds yesterday in the white belt ultra heavyweight class. Thanks to everyone who helped me prepare, and now onto the next one. @paragonbjjventura @paragonbjj @dannyg55 @james_jitsu @phillongatc

Decided to do the thing
@dannyg55 @james_jitsu @paragonbjjventura

Eren is a filthy leg locker. #attackontitan #titanbjj


Followed this with 315x3x5.
Things I learned from today's workout:
1) I hate traditional squat racks
2) I can squat over 500 at a much lighter body weight than before
3) I remembered how much I hate AC/DC, and I can still squat heavy even when they're playing


@ruiz._e with the spot, @chalkjunky with the video, and @noahstrength with the wedgie on the camera man.


Followed by 500x3x2, 225 3x10 stiff leg deadlifts, 3x10 snatch grip deadlift, and hack squats. Thanks to @mo.town.fitness for the video!

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