Pool side with the cool guy #6weekspostpartum

6 weeks post partum and restriction free!! 🙌🏻 I’m SO ready to jump back into a more regular routine! I gained roughly 35lb during my pregnancy and I have Iost around 15 lb so far (incase you were curious 😋). Honestly, I thought I would have lost a little more by now, but hey it is what it is 🤷🏼‍♀️ and I’m not gonna fixate on numbers #screwthescale 🤨😜 Overall I’m very proud of where I’m at/what I’ve accomplished (🙌🏻👶🏼🤱🏼) but I’m also ready to put in some WORK 🏋️‍♀️ 💪🏻 I’ve really missed being able to get in a good a sweat and challenge myself physically! .
Disclaimer: I may not loose all the baby weight or get my “pre baby body” back and that’s ok! Confidence doesn’t come from a certain size or weight but is something you have to work on internally. It starts with your thoughts and actions and I personally feel most confident when I’m taking care of myself mentally and physically. .
That being said 😉 starting off my post partum “journey” with @bretcontreras1 strong curves program (I just love his work! 🙌🏻🤓🍑) I will modify the abdominal work to focus on TVA activation/deep core strengthening. SO here we go! Friends let’s set up some workout dates! 😘 🤗#6weekspostpartum

Awesome image! 😛
@aminahtaha on Post-partum engagements 💜
- Reconnecting with my abdominal muscles again.
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Wearing the beautiful new henna color from the upcoming @aloyoga Fall collection 💛Sign up on their site to receive early access x
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Thank you ate @sheizawall for this lovely modern kimono 💕😍✨ #windenastyle #6weekspostpartum

Now and then.
Ive just barely scratched the surface with my weightloss/muscle strengthening journey. On the right, I just gave birth to my son-6.5 weeks postpardom. I was in so much pain from my c-section, and had post baby cramps.
Currently, I've just started getting into a routine of daily exercise and making that time for myself a priority. Results: less back pain, stronger core. Im getting there.
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Active day looking after 👶🏻👧🏻 #babyweightbegone #keepmoving #motivation #fitbit #6weekspostpartum

Baby boy had his last visit today and he is all smiles 💕👶🏻💕 #naturalbirthcenter #6weekspostpartum #babyboy #cutenessoverload

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” 🙌🏼♥️ #familiesonamission

Workout done for today! @funkygine program is good for that preggo booty 😅
Three rounds with this got me sweaty 😃
Hubby and baby B joined me for a bit there 😍
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Heading to the doc this afternoon for my 6 week post op. 👨🏻‍⚕️ TWO things—

1. Cross your fingers that he clears me to exercise even tho I had a c section and typically it’s 8 weeks! 🤞🏻 2. Leaving this cute thang with my hubby for the first time and a bottle!!!! {neither of my kids ever took a bottle well sooooo this is literally a FIRST for me!} 🍼 and cross your fingers for him 🤣🤞🏻#hesamazing

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It seems that the more kids you have the happier you become, simply because the alternative will drain a person. Let go, choose your battles, prioritize, and be silly as much as possible 🤣💞🤔💪🏽🤸🏻 #6weekspostpartum #timetomove #exercisemotivation #happylifequotes #routine #backtohealth #contrology #makingdecisions #healthylifestyle #motivationalquotes #brainismush

“Cleared for all activity” sounded more like “cleared to get back to your life!” •
It’s been almost a year of being pregnant and then healing from C-section and it’s like each phase of that year had different restrictions, things to avoid and mental energy put into concern about growing baby and then my recovering body. •
Taking it slow isn’t something I’m great at. Usually I’m a all in or all out person and for a year I’ve been forced to slow down, take it easy and focus on ALL aspects of my overall health. •
Being forced to do that made me better. More well-rounded. It got me back in the kitchen and reminded me of the love I have for nutrition and sharing that knowledge. It forced me to see my body as capable & strong in a different light, and helped me strengthen my mind to eliminate excuses and become more dedicated to the end goal instead of seeking instant gratification •
So today as I got my “good to go” from my doctor I’m feeling so grateful. Grateful for the two healthy babies I’ve created with @spncrpaul , grateful for my community of family, friends and clients that love me, supports me and keeps me accountable. Grateful for my life that has endless opportunities for growth and improvement in the future. •
One chapter comes to a close, another begins. I’m better today than I was a year ago and I’ll only continue that upward path from here. ❤️

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1 wk postpartum vs. 5 was postpartum 💫👶🏽 I’m happy with the progress of my stomach so far. I’ve probably hit the gym 2-3 times a week and or ran or just did ab(traverse) workouts. It’s been much harder to work out 🏋🏾‍♀️ with this pregnancy than the last. Organs and stomach have definitely stretched out much further and the workouts have been far more painful. I’m sore for a longer time period and knees hurt as well. Ladies, don’t caught get up in the image of fitness gurus that bounce back a week after giving birth. It just doesn’t happen like that. It’s taken your body 9 months to make a baby and it’s gonna take about just as long for your body to get back to normal and if not longer. There’s more to it than whats within sight... there’s hormones...blood levels..mindset and so much more. #6weekspostpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumfit

Acabou o resguardo #6weekspostpartum #valentevalentin

One of the best baby purchases I have made! Never had one with Blake (angel baby compared to little madam) but I wouldn’t be able to live without one now! Right where she wants to be, close to the milk source 😂 #closecaboo #babywearing #babywearingmama #ihavemyhandsback #6weekspostpartum

#PelvicTilts: I have had a few questions from ladies asking me to demonstrate how to do this effective little exercise, seeing that these and #walking have been all I have been doing during my #6WeeksPostpartum recovery phase 🤰
Now that I am in the clear to start exercising I am starting to continue with more of my #PostpartumCoreRecovery program from my upcoming APP 📱💕... I will post my workout from today a little later in the week (once I’ve had a minute to compile it 😅)
I’m easing myself back into things as I am also recovering from a little flu that I picked up- courtesy of my toddler tot 👧🏻 and a lower immune system due to sliiiiightly (sarcastic voice) less sleep 😊 #ListenToYourBodyAlways. That all being said, man it felt good to move my body again today! Both from a mental and physical stand point! 🙌🏼
Anyhooo... getting into how to effectively perform this exercise:
👉🏼Start by lying flat on your mat, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You will have a little gap between the floor and your lower back.
👉🏼Take a DEEP breath in and allow your stomach to expand. You want to breath deeply into your belly, allowing it to rise.
👉🏼As you exhale, tilt your pelvis up towards your belly button while simultaneously performing a Kegel and pressing your lower back into the floor. You should not feel all your abdominals working as this is a very specific, isolated movement of the pelvic floor.
Repeat this movement for at least 10 repetitions and about 4-5 sets.

#6weekspostpartum & “Operation Get Out of my Maternity Clothes” has begun!! 🙌🏻 Pic of my cute little Mama pouch that’s keeping me in said clothes in my Stories! 🤰🏻
After hitting my goal a few years ago after Baby #4, I heard a lot of...you got good genes, you must just bounce back, you didn’t gain that much with your pregnancy so it doesn’t count...excuse me, HECK NO!! I worked my booty off to get my post-baby body!! One pound at a time until they added up to ONE HUNDRED of them!! 😳
And guess what?? I gotta work for some of those pounds again!! 26.4 of them to be exact!! My body has hit its plateau post-baby! After five babies, this is where it will stick if I don’t do anything about it. And honestly, I’ll start adding pounds back! It’s just what my body does! 🤷🏻‍♀️ So here goes nothing...workout number four for the week is done because “When you really want something you will find a way. When you really don’t want something you will find an excuse”....when you REALLY want it...”you won’t just talk about a goal; you’ll plan for how you can meet it.” ~ Rachel Hollis 💗#bodyafterbaby #workforit #momgoals #momof5

Breastfeeding. It’s beautiful, super convenient (once you get the hang of it) and good for you and your baby. You are not spending your time warming up and cleaning up bottles and it’s free. MQ has been a star student, and I am so deeply thankful for this experience with her.
Yesterday, I hated breastfeeding and anyone who couldn’t lactate to feed my child.
Yep, I said it. 🙊💁🏼‍♀️ Some days it’s just hard....and if you are one of the fortunate souls who has high milk supply, your baby latches without issue and is an efficient eater (I count my blessings everyday)- it’s still hard.
There’s no switching off during the night or alternating bed time routines with your spouse. Your tiny human you created solely depends on you for life. Whoa...talk about pressure. And in order to try to do said things you need to introduce a bottle which requires you to pump. Then your worries expand from clock management into oz management.....oh and then you have stuff to clean up.
We can glorify it all we want but the truth is anyway we choose to take care of our babies takes sacrifice. Last night, all I wanted to do was fall flat on our bed and sleep for 3 days like the boys seem to 😅

As my eyes were crossing from emotional exhaustion, Marley looked up at me from my lap and gave me the biggest, sweetest, pull at your heart strings gummy smile. While the boys were sleeping, I was the one experiencing the first of many intentional smiles from our sweet daughter.
Someone I used to be really close to before I moved here always said, parenting is not for the weak. Your children know how to make you proud and boil your blood in the same 5 minutes (this morning it was making his own breakfast then complaining we had the wrong syrup) and fill and break your heart with one look. 🌀
No matter the struggle or challenges life is presenting you with, At their youngest of their days, our children know how to keep us grounded giving us the strength to fight to do our best another day.
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Its been 6 weeks! It feels like its going so quickly but today my baba is 6 weeks old today and its been a completely different experience to the first 6 weeks with Jaylen. The number one question i keep getting asked is, “how are you finding it having two?”, and too be honest it was quite difficult to begin with. It completely threw me off but I’m attempting to get them into a routine to help manage my time a bit better (key word “attempting”) 😂. Were off to do some (more) retail therapy today up the west end and hopefully get home in time to film the first video for my youtube channel 🙈

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