Is a must to have! 🤤#6thavenuecheesecake

Finally I had a chance to try this - this was raved around for a while on social media and it seems like everyone had at least a slice on every table. My take on the RM20 piece of cake? Description : The texture was smooth but dense. The flavour was rich, fresh and wholesome. Everything you'd expect of cheesecake but more. The whip cream (I felt) toned down the tartness of the cheese cake. The combination brought a different feeling to your taste buds on its own. Overall, I wasn't disappointed. The ambience of the place was superb. Makes you feel "atas" for a bit but I was feeling so underdressed with my friends. [6th Avenue Tokyo Restaurant Cheesecake]


Craving on their signature dessert #6thavenuecheesecake and it is tasted so good even I'm an anti-cheese pipa.


媳妇儿说要吃cheese cake #saturdate #6thavenuecheesecake

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Finally tasted this creamy cheesey cheesecake! Oishi~ Salmon also very nice too~ 😋 Thankyu 2jie 😘 #6thavenuecheesecake #tokyorestaurant #sisterlove

再续别家🏠追加一份甜点才甘心🙆~ 谢谢😘粉红芭比🎀请客我最爱的cheese cake🍰, 全KL最好吃的cheese cake🍰就属这家了🏠,
真的百吃不腻😋,一片绝对不够😋😋~~~ 6th avenue cheese cake🍰

#foodquotes #cheesecake #6thavenuecheesecake

#ttr #6thavenuecheesecake #bestchessecake 🥧 #bestcaremalpudding 🍮

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