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I know you hate it
But I'm freer that I've ever been - Something that u've never been 🔥
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I never been one to fuck up the vibe but I will fuck up your life.

I feel like such a bad fan that I wasn’t able to post about House of Balloons on it’s 7th anniversary. 😭😩 My health has been all over the place! I plan to make a special tribute to the body of work that changed my life forever and introduced me to the ever so enigmatic artist that I can’t picture my life without now. But in the mean time, this edit I made speaks volumes to me. Just the lyrics, “Had a vision as a kid that one day I would change the world with my song. Several years have passed, now that vision came to life. That boy’s a fuckin’ icon.” Those lyrics alone describe the man who gave me a safe place when I didn’t have any other. Abel had a vision. That vision was House of Balloons. In just seven years, look at what he’s become. “Man look at the kid now. Can’t nobody stop me. I don’t got a single sober vein in my body.” From a timid, insecure underground artist who hid his face from the world to a multi platinum selling artist who sells out arenas and started a powerful movement named XO. I chose this song because every lyric reminds me so much of Abel’s journey from House of Balloons to Starboy and beyond. I’ll always be XO and I’ll forever be grateful to have been there from day one to actually witness this mans vision come to life. 😭❤️👏🏽 “We live on front porches and swing life away. We get by just fine on our minimum wage. If love is a labor, I’ll sing til the end and I’ll run these streets if you give me a chance!” When the world wouldn’t give Abel a chance, WE did and the kid is literally running these streets. 😩👏🏽 XO: (3.21.11 - forever) ❤️ Happy birthday, House of Balloons. @theweeknd

"Play some shit that you can ride to. Never lettin' out
What's really deep inside you
But baby I can slide through
I can help you find you"💫⭐🎶 #Gypsy #6lack

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