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Every day, 5-year-old Cheru carries her tea kettle, walking more than 6 kilometers for water that makes her sick. Her family has no choice. See her journey by clicking the #linkinbio and choose to walk our #6KforWater so she doesn’t have to. #MotivationMonday

Walking avg. 6K/day with a 40lb water container = life of an African kid. 扛著20公斤的水走6公里=一個非洲小孩的日常 #worldvision #6KForWater #cleanwater

Each year this run reminds me "I CAN!" It always falls around the same time my dad died by suicide .. this year it fell on the weekend of the 3 yr anniversary ,so even tho he's resting , he definitely ran with me today !💪🏽 losing him taught me the importance of a strong body & a strong mind ! ❤️ #suicideawareness #6kforwater #daddysgirl

Thankful for work friends #cafenavarregang #worldvision #6kforwater

Over the past couple of months I've told you about the @worldvisionusa Global 6K for Water. Now that it's over, there's still ways that you can help! Head over to Tried and Tasty to find 'What Happens After The Global 6K for Water?' for more information! -
#sponsored #triedandtasty #6kForWater #worldvision #worldvisionusa

Heroes wanted! Today is #worldwaterday! Make your plans to participate in @worldvisionusa Global #6KforWater on May 6. Every step you take is one a child doesn't have to. http://bit.ly/2k4Dr09

After the #6kforwater I made my neighbors come see my new kitchen. Then I made them sit at my new bench for a 'ta-da!' picture. #iamdemanding There were freshly baked cookies though so no one complained. 🍪

Ran 6K for my girl Rhi-Rhi #6kforwater @worldvisioncan

Yesterday my wife & I & our two oldest ran the #6kforwater to support the development of clean water resources for those in need. I post a fair amount of pictures of waterfalls and streams, and live in a society where access to clean water is cheap and easy. Many around the world do not. The average walk for many children is 6 km to fetch water that is often not clean. Geologists and geochemists play a critical role in finding, accessing, and testing clean water resources. Our group at @gatheringpt raised over $12,000 for @worldvision to make a small dent in this big problem. These funds will mean that several hundred fewer children will have to make that long and dangerous trek every day. Thanks to @markr44 & @russelldvm & company for organizing!


Change is happening
평균 6km '어느 곳에선 물을 얻기 위해
아이들이 날마다 걷는 거리'
모든 아이들이
깨끗한 물을 자유롭게 마실때까지 🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏾🏃🏾‍♀️ #Global_Project #6kforwater #worldvision #running #run

2017년 5월, 전세계 18개국.
힘껏 달리는 28,000명의 #월드비전 후원자. 개발도상국에서 물을 길러 걷는 거리=평균6km. 아이들에게 깨끗한 물이 전해지길 바라며🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️#6KforWater #WorldVision #Global_Project #월드비전 #아프리카 #마라톤 #나눔

Got my #TeamWorldVision #AgeGroupAward for my #6kForWater 3rd place finish out of 66 in the 25-29 age groupl!! 🤗😁 #Runner #Marathoner #CleanWater #Charity #Proud #PleasantSurprise #StrongFinish #MilkOverBeer Special shout out to Brantley. Couldn't have done it without you Babe 🐶❤️

I love that our kids get to grow up at these events for clean water. Pictures to follow of Theo crossing the finish line and high-fiving anyone with a hand. Link in bio to donate to my Michigan Titanium half iron distance triathlon in TWO WEEKS! #theorestu #ivymehret #6kforwater #chicago6kforwater #teamworldvisionchicago #teamworldvision

Happy Saturday - Im good for a 10 piece - 16K - a 10K before my 6K - bka 10 lakefront miles - sweet!!! #onwardupwardforward
#training#6Kforwater #teamafcfit #justdoit

Today was a good day. We only had to run 10 miles. (When did I start saying ridiculous things like that???) We did just over 6 miles, then Michael picked up a 40 pound jerry can full of clean water and ran 6k. I gave him a head start, picked up a baby along the way and passed him in the last mile. 😄 (And that will never happen again...) Michael's dad and my mom walked the course with Alex, and Michael's mom ran the race!
It was a day filled with family and fun and sweat. But it was also filled with hope and joy because the kids we ran for have access to clean water now.
So far in this training we've raised enough money to give clean water to nearly 50 kids! Which is AMAZING. But we're not done yet. We have 9 weeks until marathon day and a crazy God-sized goal of bringing clean water to 200 kids. Will you join us? 💧

#teamworldvision #runningforwater #6kforwater

The run this morning was even more meaningful since it was the Chicago #6kforwater. Besides that, I was super excited and very proud to have my amazing wife @mmk_run doing her first race ever. Good job sweetie, you even did your best pace. #teamworldvisionchicago #teamworldvision #chicago6kforwater #proudofmywife

#6kforwater #worldvision 1st place in my AG!

What a day the 4th annual #Chicago #6KforWater! #teamworldvision

Reunited in orange. 💙🏃‍♀️
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Shout out to @jheinder for logging early long run miles with me. Shout out to @erinholden__ for being the best surprise. Shout out to @catelesourd for walking our 2nd annual #6kforwater with me (and @karabou_64 and @hattiehoskins for walking with us!) Most of all, shout out to Mulatu in 🇪🇹 for reminding me why I run. 👣 #gofarthertogether #teamworldvision

Spent our morning running 6K so that kids in Africa no longer have to walk that distance ONE way for water. Love @worldvisionusa !! Took Pauly and I while to get a decent picture but the real MVP is @megbandy who ran TEN miles today as she trains to run The Chicago Marathon in October for this very purpose!! #6Kforwater #worldvision #runforwater #runforlife

a big thank you to my girl @lesmith20 for running the @worldvisionusa #6kforwater today, for endless encouragement throughout marathon training, and for your donation to bring clean water to those who need it!

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