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Happy 5th wedding anniversary to my friend, my love, my wife and sometimes my worst enemy! 😘 😘😘 Thanks for putting up with me and to many more! #milestones #5years #5thweddinganniversary

You can never go wrong with steak and a glass of red 🍷

Happy 5th Anniversary babe!! I love you so much & am so thankful to God for you. An amazing husband & such a wonderful Dad to our beautiful girls. I pray we have many, many more years to share of love, laughs & everything else in between. Cheers to us! ❤😘💋👰🏻🤵🏻#5thweddinganniversary #15yearstogether #4712

❤️ Canaan Jedd Nyoto
5.23 am

Its our 5th (5am) wedding aniversary today. He is our 3rd child, one in heaven, makes him number 2. (23 minutes after five)
Its a pretty coincidence :) @parishsdad
See how wonderful our life is


Dile kolay 5 yıl.. Aslan parçamın annesi, hayat eşim, aşkım, dostum, herşeyim.. İyi ki varsın.. Seni seviyorum.. nice 5 yıllara😘😍 #5thweddinganniversary


Fun while it lasted 💲💸👀🤔

Happy 5th wedding anniversary to this man- the one who vowed this day five years ago to love me forever, who challenges me, helped me grow , makes me laugh , made me a mother, fought together through tough times and beamed with happiness together through the good. I honestly can't believe where time has gone! I can't remember a time when you weren't in my life by my side feels as though you've been there forever. Thank you for all of the above but most of all thank you for waking up each morning and deciding that you'll continue to try to be the best that you can be - to love me and our babies. That means everything 💗 happy anniversary 💋👪💫😘 #5thweddinganniversary #blessed🙏 #family #hubby #wifey #love

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